Staple Hesitate Lyrics

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Pleading with open eyes to see into your world tonight
Bleeding with open cries, on my face
And hoping that you'll prove my faith tonight
I'll never forget the times you made me wide awake inside
Filling my empty cracks with less of me

I want you. I want you to know that I'm ready for you and waiting for you today
Running on caloused knees, you're my cure for my disease
Gasping to feel you breath
I'd suffocate because I know that you're worth the wait
I find your life to be true when I won't hesitate with mine
Filling your arms tonight with all of me

Wide awake, won't hesitate when I see you there
You're what I'm waiting for
Wide awake, won't hesitate
You're all, and nothing more
Wide awake, won't hesitate
You're all I want
All the mazes through, lengths that I've went to
To find what I wanted: it's always been you
I'll be here waiting on you

EP Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Hesitate
  • 2 Deathtrap Daisy
  • 3 Rise of the Robots
  • 4 2nd Hand
  • 5 Pop
  • 6 Taken By You
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