Waylon Jennings Good Morning John Lyrics

Turn The Page Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Devil's on the Loose
  • 2 You Showed Me Somethin' About Lovin'
  • 3 Good Morning John
  • 4 The Broken Promise Land
  • 5 Don't Bring It Around Anymore
  • 6 Rhiannon
  • 7 Drinkin' and Dreamin'
  • 8 As Far as the Eye Can See
  • 9 Turn the Page
  • 10 Those Kind of Memories
  • Good morning, John:
    Ain't it great to see your future shining brighter,
    Than the naked light of day?
    You made it, John:
    But I confess there was a time we two have thought,
    That you might let it slip away.
    I love you, John:
    In the cold and holy darkness,
    You were always shining brighter than a star.
    God bless you, John:
    For the love and joy you've given,
    As the living inspiration that you are.

    You scared me, John:
    'Cos you've crossed so many borders into danger,
    With the price upon your head.
    They got you, John:
    And it hurts to see so many friends who ran,
    Along beside you laying dead.
    I know you, John:
    There ain't nothing you can't handle now,
    'Cause there ain't nothing bigger than your heart.
    Keep shining, John:
    For you owe it to the others as the dark,
    And holy wonder that you are.

    Hang in there, John:
    It's a rocky road to glory,
    But the straightest and the strongest will survive.
    Keep smiling, John:
    We won't make it there tomorrow,
    But today let's say we're lucky we're alive.
    I see you, John:
    For the best of good intentions,
    Have a way of getting scattered by the wind.
    I mean it, John:
    You might lose your mind or memory,
    But you ain't gonna lose me as your friend.

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