Rick Ross Gone to the Moon Lyrics

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Let me tell you how meny money there can bye
First class flight to the moon
Jewish Mafia *****
Maybach music
October 13, Meek Milly, dreams and nightmares
I think you all know exactly what the **** that is
Ha, ha, ha

God forgives the I don´t on the road of platinum
Yeah, Warner brothers, Dej Jam records
The power circle, Maybach music!
Shout out to the entire conglomerate, *****
Black Bar Mitzvah- all you *****s invited
You were invested like Jews, *****

I’ll be at these wars, I still be living by rules
So when I run in the dudes
You know we’re stumping in the mood
Pop and lock go to popping *****s say when they’re flopping
Let me get back to my *****es Cause you ***** *****s ain’t nothing
Miami boys and this *****
I brought out all the zoes with me
Still buy ***** from strippers and send them kilos to Philly
***** real as it gets, look at the wheels on my whip
You want to go to the moon, I'm screaming re-load the clip
I bought my ***** from Perfections, you know I buy my affection
Ain't no love for me, *****, and I accept my direction
On my road to perfection, so many hours invested
So many *****s we handle
You know the other profession
I’ll go to the moon
I’ll go to the moon
I’ll go to the moon
I´ll go like baloon