Raekwon feat. Method Man Fuck Them Lyrics

Immobilarity Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro (skit)
  • 2 Yae Yo
  • 3 Casablanca
  • 4 100 Rounds
  • 5 Real Life
  • 6 Power
  • 7 Skit Nº1
  • 8 All I Got Is You, Part II
  • 9 Jury
  • 10 Fuck Them
  • 11 Skit Nº2
  • 12 Live From New York
  • 13 My Favorite Dred
  • 14 Friday
  • 15 The Table
  • 16 Sneakers
  • 17 Raw
  • 18 Pop Shit
  • 19 Heart to Heart
  • 20 Forecast
  • 21 Outro
  • Yo, yo, yo, yo
    **** you

    [Chorus: x2]
    What you want to be when you grow up
    You want to be thugs
    You want to be pranksters
    You want to sell drugs
    You want to be gangsters
    That's what silly boys are made of

    Aiyyo, aiyyo
    Cool G's and forty seven flavors
    Display swade gators
    We comin through
    To blaze neighbors
    Meet mark and pardon me to heat mark
    A dutch spark it
    Lex Leonardo arts profit
    Apple cranberry mixed with crystal
    Fan worry
    Desert mountain crib in the ground
    We arsonists
    One point five a liter
    Take a taste
    Splash your heater
    Smack your face twice
    Clap your sneakers
    **** is like a mission to Mars
    Fishin' for bars
    Takin' what's ours
    Knowledge the car Pa
    Don't be stupid
    Get a little cash
    Better swoop it
    Throw it in the ground and recoup it
    Next check was best
    Your family pack your ****
    Get vexed
    Leave a ***** standing in a bag of leaves
    Some *****s catch on later
    Try to put them on they haters
    I met eighty of them *****s yo
    Waitin' on the sidelines droolin'
    Some need schoolin'
    Let me teach yo
    And roll a student what
    Rule one
    Yo respect if you lose son
    Don't be big back about to learn to move dunn
    All hell to *****s in jails
    With sharks in they fishtanks
    Now he come home he a whale
    Wolves in the projo's, projo's yo
    We realer up in my shows yo
    Middle finger five O's
    Take time to climb vines yo
    Lay on the lines
    Like Laury only lovin' Rae kind
    Sun splash cash layin like three bags of hash
    Fully wrapped in a indian man's stash


    [Chorus: x2]

    Aiyyo, get up
    Lex should be braggin'
    Get it up
    **** shorty got cream in a mean truck
    Prop-ness she hollar like the Loch Ness
    He large rock this
    Fresh Ferrari in a drop six
    Yo talkin about the dough on his clothes
    Glaze is crushed up pokin on rolls yo
    Oh yeah and maybe gettin' cream
    See what I mean black queen
    Stop actin' like crack fiends an'
    Brawl we want to thank all of y'all
    Play the wall hype
    Checkin how this lady walks stay hawkin'
    Grab the remain, divorce (Uh)
    Shame came to yours
    We like green
    Rock the same gameplan, ours (Yo, Yo)

    Ladies and gentlemen
    Your about to see
    A pastime hobby about to be
    Takin' to the next degree
    By M-E-TH and the bloody Chef Boyardee
    Watch out *****es is too nosey
    Backhand slappin' the phoney
    Got to walk it off can't mosey
    Who got you open up
    Crack pipe still smokin'
    Face frozen
    Coke straw stickin' out your nose and D
    Proposin' that you bleed on the Chef apron
    My thing hold down the play-pen
    And say the nursery rhymes they makin
    Come on now
    Shits too real
    **** you and now your man feel
    Time don't stand still for y'all *****es
    Want to Big Ball
    I got two for you to juggle in your jizzals
    I'm losin' it now
    Throw in the pieces like a jig-saw
    She multi-colored like a rainbow
    Mr. Meth and the Cuban Link kiddo
    On tracks we connect, politic ditto
    Take that to that

    [Chorus: x2]

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