Pinback Fortress Lyrics

Summer in Abaddon Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Non Photo-Blue
  • 2 Sender
  • 3 Syracuse
  • 4 Bloods on Fire
  • 5 Fortress
  • 6 This Red Book
  • 7 Soaked
  • 8 3x0
  • 9 Todo
  • 10 The Yellow Ones
  • 11 AFK
  • Too long til fall. sick summer in bed.
    You and a lazy mood.
    10 times the fall. spread, sacked, and I've failed.
    Nobody move.

    To far (long) to fall. sat shiver in bed.
    You and a test of will.
    Too many fallen, too many failed.
    Nobody move.

    Days with the light off, freezing.
    You and i. uneasy. livid.

    Stop its too late
    I'm feeling frustrated
    I see no sign of fortress

    Safe as a cootie wootie with you.
    Never pretend the chill.
    Too many shadows, too many sails.
    Nobody move.

    Summer is only winter with you.
    How can you really feel?
    2 of another. none of a pair.
    Nobody move.

    Another delay. too many hassles,
    Where do we go? how do we follow?

    Written by: Bob Kildea, Charlie Clarke, Colin Mcpherson, Gareth Martin Russell, Gary Lightbody, Gillian Mills, Iain Archer, Jenny Reeve, Jonathan Graham Quinn, Neil Douglas Payne, William Angus Campbell
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

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