Alison Krauss Find My Way Back To My Heart Lyrics

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Well, I ain't laughin' now
Now that I'm caught up, it seems
In all the same ambitious dreams
That only lonely life allows

And the home I don't go home to
The friends I don't see
Aren't the part of this life
That endears it to me

If that's the price I have to pay
For doing things my own way
Then it's what I'll have to do somehow

Till I find my way back to my heart
For there's no one but me's gonna take my part
It's too early to say that it's over
Or to find we can make a new start
It's too early to say
Till I find my way back to my heart

I thought at least we'd meet again
Since we have been the best of friends and lovers to each other
Meet again and speak our minds
Force no issues, turn no blind eye
Toward the road that lies ahead

But it seems that I missed you
By a coast and a song
When time gets so short
"So what?" turns to "so long"

I cannot keep your love inside
It's a flame I cannot hide forever
In the name of hanging on


I used to laugh at all those songs
`bout the rambling life, the nights so long and lonely

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