Hungry Lucy Fearful Lyrics

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You were always right there
But you didn’t seem to care
When was I ever so bare
You were never aware
Take me home and make it better
Tuck me in to a silent sleep
Make it all just go away
May you practice what you preach

Play dead
Was what you always said
But I hear it in my head
I just want to go to bed
Tell me why I can’t be better
Is this always on my mind
You can’t be my contraceptor
Disease will find me in time

Yearning for your love
Will it fit me like a glove
Even when push becomes a shove
You will lift me high above
Go away and leave me lying
On the floor from what you’ve done
When they find me I won’t be crying
This disease has surely won
Glō Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Could It Be?
  • 2 Fearful
  • 3 In the Circle (D-Koy mix)
  • 4 Storm
  • 5 Rebirth
  • 6 Into Pieces
  • 7 Telltale Shot
  • 8 Open Window
  • 9 Stay
  • 10 Her Song
  • 11 Last October
  • 12 In the Circle
  • 13 Glo
  • 14 Open Window (Chandeen mix)
  • 15 Could It Be? (Dreamside mix)
  • 16 In the Circle (Neikka RPM mix)
  • 17 Telltale Shot (Seize mix)
    CD 2
  • 1 Stay (Endraum mix)
  • 2 In The Circle (God's Bow mix)
  • 3 Telltale Shot (Infrastructure mix)
  • 4 Stay (Chiasm mix)
  • 5 In The Circle (Yendri mix)
  • 6 Telltale Shot (Mimetic mix)
  • 7 Stay (Claire Voyant mix)
  • 8 In The Circle (Sobriquet mix)
  • 9 Stay (ThouShaltNot mix)
  • 10 In The Circle (Low Technicians mix)
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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