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Nas feat. Scarface Lyrics

Yo Nas,
I don't think they wanna **** with this
Gangsta ****, fo' sho'
("Danger, danger")

Check it out
It's on, and once again I bring *****s the rough
****ing with us, that get you ************s touched
Hit in the darkest alleys, where the super sports Rally
Beating up the block, leaving these ************s shot
They ain't ready for the Nakamici
I flip this **** like I'm Kamaneze
Now dey a **********ing see me
They try to breeze me, but I got *****z in New York
Coming kama-kize, sparking this **** that keep me off the heezee
Jay-Hovah, he with my man came over
To scoop me, blowing dukey, in the black Range Rover
Nasir, tell these ************s what we came for
Tell these *****s why we here

Nothing but the New York to Texas connection
Nothing but some real ****, what y'all expected
Spaz out, some times dreaming, think I'm awoke
Harsh realities of life, hit me after I smoke
Money satisfy half of my mood, then there's a part of me
That's distant, quiet, the most dangerous side of me
I'm twisted like, Dr. Death, Kevorkian
Flip ****, white gun handle, made of porcelain
My, Houston *****s, come through for *****s
Scarface get a call and we shooting *****s
Favor, for a favor, that's how we do business
Trying to make future figures, we two of the illest, what?

[Chorus: Nas]
You wet who I want wetted, I'll wet who you want wetted
Any ***** can get it (a favor for a favor) [Repeat: x3]
I'll wet who you want wetted, you wet who I want wetted
Any ***** can get it

You say you got a problem? Then tell a ***** where he at
So I can study his motions and peel his **********ing cap
Where his brother go to school at? Find out some more information
Bout that ***** and hit a ***** right back
Cause when it come down to the come down;
I'ma pull the **********ing plug on him
Walk up to his face and then gone
Set a example, send these hoes a little message:
They need to be more careful who they mess with, don't even stress it
Leaded, I pull these capers all the time
With the ugliest AK, I blow his **********ing mind
Him and whoever standing by, I'll tell these *****s, "Let's go"
And then we fin' to ride, and he fin' to die
He fin' to die, throwing up his own blood
With a slug in his **********ig mug
I do this outta love, cause your money ain't no good here
Just consider that as favor, until I need a favor


A killer code, secret untold, how we bury beef with a rose
To his wake we send a wreath that explodes
Beneath us sleep with the Reaper, they sleep eyes closed
That's how real Brad Jordan keep it, to him I owe
Five fo-fo's ready, five masks, five Mercedes
Attack em like Freddie, then we toasting over spaghetti
I share with ya drama, you share with mine
That's how we killing two birds at the same time
Send my enemy's ear, I'll send your enemy's finger
With a pinkie ring, that's just a present my *****
Either way the heat is grave, **** with 'Face we bring war
Either, you feel these bullets or the Texas chainsaw
Not for popularity reasons, but for the love of the art
And you my heart, I leave casualties bleeding
Cause we keep it death for a death, life for a life
Murder for a murder, and I got you it's vice versa


(A favor for a favor) [Repeat: x3]

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