Buzzcocks Fast Cars Lyrics

Another Music in a Different Kitchen Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Fast Cars
  • 2 No Reply
  • 3 You Tear Me Up
  • 4 Get on Our Own
  • 5 Love Battery
  • 6 Sixteen
  • 7 I Don’t Mind
  • 8 Fiction Romance
  • 9 Autonomy
  • 10 I Need
  • 11 Moving Away From the Pulsebeat
  • They're nice and precise, each one begins and ends
    They may win you admirers, but they'll never earn you friends
    Fast cars, fast cars
    Fast cars, I hate fast cars

    They're so depressing going 'round and 'round
    Ooh, they make me dizzy, oh fast cars they run me down
    Fast cars, fast cars,
    Fast cars, I hate fast cars

    Sooner or later, you're gonna listen to Ralph Nader
    I don't wanna cause a fuss, but fast cars are so dangerous
    Fast cars, fast cars
    Fast cars, I hate fast cars, fast cars
    Fat cars, fast cars
    I hate fast cars

    Written by: Desmond Child, Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Sambora

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