Tech N9ne feat. Snug Brim , B.G. Bulletwound & Krizz Kaliko Drill Team Lyrics

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome for your halftime viewing pleasure
From Kansas City, Missouri, the Strange Lane drill team!

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9ne]
We comin' to your town and then we take it over
Handcuff her, better yet, you better hold her
Shawty said she wanna kick it with a soldier
(Bang, bang, bang!) That's what I showed her
(Hey!) Make way for the drill team
(Hey!) And the party we will bring
(Hey!) Make way for the drill team
She ain't out with you, cause we the real thing

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Ladies and ho bitches, you have just the entered
The realm of the drillers, the punani killers, the hill of gorillas
Let go your secrecy, let me go deep in the heart of it
We have a team and yes, we really want you to be part of it
Let's get it erotic, slept with and got it
Next *, you spotted, for sex * * *
Lookin' for a dick, (Legal) Bitch for the whole trap
That'll do me * * * hella tight with no strap
Busters waitin' up for her, return, get no haps
She come back to you with tricks, turn and for sho' tap
So when I come back into your town, it's a throwback
Cause you know she comin' right back around for the bosack
You didn't know that, your little lady could hold that
Now she follow my tour and you callin' her road rat
We comin' to poke at chicks with mo' fat
On yo' back, feelin' the drillin' after my show cracks


[Verse 2: ]
Call me a drum major baby I will hold yo' sticks
Hoppin off the tour bus with' about 4 bitches now take yo' pick
I must admit my niggas pimps be still respectable
Put in a lil' bit o' thug in yo life come join the festival
Lemme see yo breasticles you sumtin bitch show me love
And I'll show you what this music plus weed and hemmy does
I been around minneso' hoe so you know who and what we are
A guaranteed pimp game ghetto super stars
They on the boulevard travelin' smokin and drinkin'
Here go yo tokin' you can blow and get hope for the weekend
By the time it's ova' you'll be sober while we be rollin' peepin'
On to the next botch pickin' out the next box
Leavin yo' wet spot, wetter than ever
No mo' chill bitches no drums no seat on my leather
Remember how I told ya how we like to roll and like to kill things
The face down bottom up call us the drill team


[Verse 3: ]
When I hit yo' city up on 40 deep on 40 deep (Yes!)
Comin' out the tour bus we 40 deep we 40 deep (Yes!)
I see you yankin' on yo' bian cause she notice me
But don't be bankin' on that bianca she gonn go with' me
I see you whinin' her yo dinin' here you timin her (Yes!)
I see you puttin' yo' time in her yo' grind in her yo' dime in her (Sex!)
Cause what you lack is why she fuckin' with this big daddy
And you just ashamed that I'm the one who keeps you bitch happy (Up back!)
In New York City okaland, californidona (KAY!)
On every married Keisha Cole with' dat trim stomach (GAY!)
And she lovin on this nigga in this drill team
Lil' momma's bare so she can't fuck with the real thing (real thing)
There's nothing to it do seduce it, fling it out (fling it out)
Bring yo whiskey bring yo belvey go on bring 'em out (bring 'em out)
So when in yo' city that lil' cutie love me
Don't be mad cause she lovin' on this drill team

[Verse 4: Krizz Kaliko]

Let's give a trophy to the most pokin', most strokin'
Poster from the postin' with the most hoes open
Focus after the show kelly got mo' hoes open
Tecca I'm da whip bangin with both doors open
I'm a sam boy split them bitches right in half boy
And uhh tubsie wubsie I'm they bath toy rubber ducky
Women love me, if you was me you wake up daily
Holla calli baby how'd you get so lucky
Hut (hut) henesy with one sprite with tac' in 'em and
They feelin' alright and we pack in the magnum
My routine ain't nothing but a group thing
The eyes and the ooooohing for the viewing
Fetish groupies you see
Drill team drill that thing 'till that ass is soft (ass is soft)
Phone ring then we at yo' door (at yo' door)
Slow it down baby (take it slow)
When the drill team come around
She back fo' mo' heyyyyyy

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