Nas Dr. Knockboot Lyrics

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Hell yeah
Check it check it check, check check
Yo, when it come to sex advice, I'm the one to call
If you a virgin with blue balls or you tear down walls
Not Dr. Ruth, call me Dr. Knockboot
Pimped out hats, rock fashionable suits
A class for the youth, Sex Ed for your head
The do's and don'ts, that should happen in the bed
First, DON'T, run up in her raw cause you get burned
For sure, ****ing with the typical whore, because
DO, rock a Rough Ryder, whenever you inside her
Your local bodega is your supplier
And DON'T, take the *****, if she fighting
Cause you saw what happened to Tupac and Mike Tyson
'Specially if you large, some hoes is trife
Get you on a rape charge, have you serving your life
Yo, DO, get a yes confirmation before penetration
You wind up in a police station
DON'T, get with no young ***** and hit it
She PG-13, you rated are, she not permitted
DO, check for ID, whenever chilling V.I.P.
With fly shorty P.Y.T.
Yo, DON'T, lie about the cars you got
Or who you hang with, fronting when you borrowed your watch
Yo, DO, play your game right, if the G's tight
Then you can **** shorty the same night
Yo, DON'T, trick when you don't have to
You think you balling? You turn your back they laffing at you
You don't gotta keep repeating you a thug, she heard you
In fact, she attracted to your man that herbed you
DO, spend a lil' dough, only if you know
The ***** gross a lil' something too bro
DON'T, eat the ***** the first night
Maker her bless you, we call that **** gesundheit
DO, set the mood right, Bailey's with ice
A cup of Thug Passion'll make everything right
Yo, DON'T, pop **** like you Daddy Longdick
When you come fast like Fed-Ex and bust too quick
DO, hit positions she will find interest in
DON'T, hit the ***** if that ****'s blistering
Hope you're listening, turn up your transistering
Hot 97, KISS-FM
Or B-L-S, with your hand up her dress
Chilling with your girl while you thinking bout ya ex
Not too easy not too complex
I break it down, how to address, the opposite sex
Problems or questions, I can answer them best
Signing off Dr. Knockboot at your request, peace

Rest havens
**** y'all *****es
Y'all *****s get y'all **** tight
Dr. Knockboot gotta come take y'all *****es from ya!
Alright? We out!

Written by: David Richard Matthews, Jean Claude Olivier, Nasir Jones, Samuel J. Barnes
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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