Ice Cube Dr. Frankenstein Lyrics

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Supreme gangsta ****
We dream gangsta ****
[rain pouring] Yes [electric shock, beaker tingling]
Yes [knock on dorr]
Yeah what is it? [continual knocking on door]
What is it?!? (Doctor, is everything alright?)
Yes, I'm straight, go to bed [thunder claps]
[animal screams] Yeah! Yeah!
[woman screaming] It's ALIVE!

[Ice Cube]
It's pourin rain, thunder and lightning
Clash of the ***ans, I'm home writin
Gangsta rap has arrived, I'm the only man alive
October 31st, 1985
Hard times, just got harder
Adolescent Ice Cube, the **** starter
A martyr, thanks to the father
for bein this mean as sixteen raps, feel like the ***** scream
You learned about your triple beam from me
You stopped payin for ***** and hit that *** for free
A little G never thought, that I could change the world
witta attitude, a Raider jacket and a jheri curl
Got every girl wantin to do me, screw me
Boyz N The Hood, the first rap, the first movie
Oooh wee *woman screaming* it's alive
So whatchu gon' do 24-7, 3-65
Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein

[Mr. Short Khop - x2]
Ooooh wee, it's alive
You better run and hide
Cover your ears and your eyes

[Ice Cube]
The world had to bow to this new style
Dial 9-1-1, makin more money than the law allow
But **** Tha Police, they can get deez
Now who was sayin **** like that before me?
No-body, but everybody want to take the star's place
and be Scarface in the car chase
Illigitimate, counterfeit
Even got white boys talkin **** off the **** I invent
No no, ************s musta took a photo
Tryin to call my gangsta **** 'mafioso'
but who ya usin? Fool it ain't no solution
to the evolution, of pimps and prostitution
I cuss, skanlous, I give a rush
to *****s who mind turn to mush, smokin on brush
Hush, I'm just a lush for this Hen
Chrome electroids, connected to my pen
When, blowin ************s ain't knowin what we goin through
Spiritually, lyrically showin you
They call me, 'AmeriKKKa's Most Hated'
Gettin liberated by this monster I created
Dr. Frankenstein

[Mr. Short Khop]
We love to bump you Frankenstein
Yo' **** is the best
Take my body and my mind
Don't **** with the stress
Hit me with that game to win
If you want, hit me again
We love you Frankenstein
We love you Frankenstein

[Ice Cube]
Now how many times did a ***** have to warn ya?
Ya ****in up the formula (call the coroner)
It's outta hand, 'cause sucker *** *****s like you
try to pay the rent off my blueprint
New cent to the industry
You thought my **** was biodegradable, uh uh, it's unfadeable
Unstoppable, runnin through your suburbs
Incredible thug words
We gets down, ***** do the Monster Mash
and watch a ***** like me collect monster cash
'cause I'm sittin wit this ***** who got monster ***
Keep em wonderin how long the Don will last
And never pass, and when I want it buttered on toast
Can't no ***** see Ice Cube on no coast
So all you gotta do is focus
and see that I'm the ****in loccest with this hocus pocus
Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein, ugh

[Mr. Short Khop - x4]
Ooooh wee, it's alive
You better run and hide
Cover your ears and your eyes

Written by: George Clinton, William Bootsy Collins, J. Hearne, Ou0027shea Jackson, Joseph Johnson, Bernard Worrell
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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