69 Boyz Ding Dong Song Lyrics

199 Quad Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Land 69
  • 2 Caller #10
  • 3 Da Train
  • 4 Loose Booty
  • 5 Kitty-Kitty
  • 6 Puddin Tame
  • 7 Da Set
  • 8 Hennessy
  • 9 Survival of da Fittest
  • 10 Hump n’ Ya Back
  • 11 Get Together
  • 12 Tootsee Roll
  • 13 Da Mote
  • 14 Ding Dong Song
  • 15 Teenie Weenie
  • 16 10 Chicken Wangs & A Bottle of Dom
  • 17 Ease on Down da Road
  • 18 Booty Drop
  • 19 All Men R Dawgs
  • 20 Buddy-Buddy
  • 21 Tootsee Roll (dance version)
  • Intro: Jay-Ski and A.B.
    95 South and them Boyz 69,
    Prepare for the stabbin' 'cause it's Ding-a-Ling time!
    It ain't no interruption, so please unplug the phone
    And get ready for the stabbin' from the Ding-a-Ling Song!
    [Ding-ding-dong-a-ding-ding-da-dong-dong, hooh, da-dat, da-dat, da-dat]

    Yeah, 69 Boyz in the house, b'lieve dat!
    Backed up by the 95 South, and it goes like this, c'mon!

    Ding ding dong a-ding ding da-dong dong, huh, true dat! True dat! True

    Verse 1: The Rotweiller and Thrill Da Playa
    [RW] Yo, don't try to fake the funk on
    Go on, give you ya milk-bone; the ding-dong
    So mangy kitty-cat, get back, get back, get back, get back, uhh
    'Cause I'm servin' well-done ground beef
    Backed up by a glass of Sweet T
    And you know my theme song, uhh, that ding-a-long
    So just call me "ball park" 'cause I pump when you click your jaw
    And girl, I'm surprised you took it all
    'Cause I run you like a track meet
    I can't wait, so jump in the back seat
    In y' caddy, or bikini,
    So get ready, for the (?)
    And you know the words, so sing along
    And prepare for the ding-ding-ding-along
    [Th] Girl, you know you's a winner!
    Tell me what you want for dinner!
    How 'bout a six-pack of that
    Ding-ding-dong, da-dat, da-dat
    Help us, help us, 68!
    Who do you appreciate?
    The one that's singin' you a sweet song,
    Or the one that's feedin' you ding-dong?
    'Cause I can't sing too well,
    But I can make that kitty-cat swell
    So before I push up,
    Hold your breath and wish yourself good luck!
    This ain't "I Dream of Jeannie"
    And I ain't got no teeny weenie
    Just call me King Kong:
    Leader of the pack when it comes to ding-dong!


    Jay-Ski: 95 South, get on the mic now!!

    Verse 2: A.B. and Daddy Black
    [AB] Ding-ding-dong-a-ding-ding-da-ding-dong!
    Come on over for a game of ping-pong
    I'll serve, 'cause girl, I like ya
    Pass ya 'round and lemme spike ya
    So let a nigga get on ya
    Pretty baby, I'm gon-na
    Call ya up one night to ring-a-ling
    Put in your order for a 3-piece ding-a-ling
    [DB] Or an extra crispy Dom dinner
    I'm in her, yo fellas, I got a winner
    'Cause I pack you with Dom till you fall asleep
    Call me Black, or Daddy Dog Sheep
    Hey yo, fellas, you gots to keep her,
    'Cause a nigga like Black'll creep her
    Hey yo, girl, you can't go wrong
    With this ding-ding-dong-a-ding-ding-da-dong-dong!


    Jay-Ski: It's the Booty Man!!

    Verse 3: Booty Man and The Rotweiler
    [BM] C'mon, c'mon, it's weenie-time
    95 South down with 69
    Ain't nuttin' but plumbers! You're gettin' weak,
    'Cause I'm deep in ya stomach
    And it ain't no shame
    Hey girl, let's go to the ball game
    If you're hungry, I'll feed ya
    I got a menu, so let me read ya:
    Hot smoked sausages and some salty peanuts
    And great, big ol' hot-dawgs that'll sho'nuff fill ya up, right
    But yo, don't try to eat too much
    'Cause you know you might get choked -
    But you can't play around with a ding-a-long sandwich,
    'Cause it ain't no joke!
    [RW] So when you come inside to fight tonight,
    Be ready for the ding-a-ling
    And you can bring your glove if you want this love,
    So step inside the ring
    I got left jabs and right jabs
    And I'ma hit you below the belt
    I talked to the surgeon general;
    He said ding-a-ling was good for your health! Uhh!

    Chorus till fade Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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