Bruce Springsteen Countin’ on a Miracle Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
It's a fairytale so tragic
There's no prince to break the spell
I don't believe in magic
But for you I will, for you I will
If I'm a fool, I'll be a fool
Darling, for you

I'm counting on a miracle
Baby, I'm counting on a miracle
Darling, I'm counting on a miracle
To come through

[Verse 2]
There ain't no storybook story
There's no never-ending song
Our happily ever after Darling
Forever come and gone
I'm moving on
If I'm going to believe
I'll put my faith
Darling, in you


[Verse 3]
Sleeping beauty awakes from her dream
With her lover's kiss on her lips
Your kiss was taken from me
Now all I have is this

Your kiss, your kiss, your touch, your touch
Your heart, your heart, your strength, your strength
Your hope, your hope, your faith, your faith
Your face, your face, your love, your love
Your dream, your dream, your life, your life

[Verse 4]
I'm running through the forest
With this wolf at my heels
My king is lost at midnight
When the tower bells peal
We've got no fairytale ending
In God's hands our fate is complete
Your heaven's here in my heart
Our love's this dust beneath my feet
Just this dust beneath my feet
If I'm going to live
I'll live my life
Darling, to you


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