The Vandals Desert Woman Lyrics

Slippery When Ill Track Listing
  • 1 Clowns Are Experts (at Making Us Laugh)
  • 2 Susanville
  • 3 Desert Woman
  • 4 In America
  • 5 Elvis Decanter
  • 6 Goop All Over the Phone (Pleasant All Over the Bill)
  • 7 Shi'ite Punk
  • 8 Gator Hide
  • 9 Long Hair Queer
  • 10 (Illa Zilla) Lady Killa

  • A thousand miles of desert- a million tons of sand
    A few less pounds of woman- a tired broken man
    A parching thrist that water couldn't quench
    My desert woman this frontier's only pearl
    How can I penetrate her lonely desert world?
    She doesn't need no make up- the sun powders her nose
    Natural, unshaven from her armpits to her toes
    A love as empty as a broken neon sign
    Only thing in common was her Levi's size and mine
    Now the desert shows no mercy to the timid or the weak
    So as she left the diner, I climbed into her jeep
    She did the rest, introduced me to this land
    Now she's my desert woman and I'm her desert man
    Like the lone coyote from this land I'll never stray
    A pound of Sioux peyote couldn't make me feel that way
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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