Twiztid CNT Lyrics

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I can't figure out, figure out, what it is
What it is, where it is, where it is, I can't (2x)

Woke up in a daze off a half hour's sleep
With the drool on the pillow and my dick stuck to my bedsheet
Thinkin, how am I gonna change the world today
I'm starin at the roaches sittin in the ashtray
Givin up ain't the way, I can guarantee
If you apply yourself to life like silly putty
Everybody, even if you ugly (huh?!)

You got a chance in this mutherfucker to be somebody
Don't let nobody stand in the way of what you want
And stop believin all the lies and the shit you've been taught
Even if you try, you can say you did
Instead of livin your life always wonderin what would happen
You can be the captain of your own enterprise - USS Realize
Its up to you, to make the change but you don't
And I can't figure out why you won't

I can't figure out, figure out, what it is
What it is, where it is, where it is, I can't (2x)

Can you help me now?
I'm sittin down and everybody with me is standin and lookin around
I blacked out for a second and some really weird shit just happened
It was like a camera flashin
In my mind there's some really strange shit goin on
But I just go with it, hope nobody notices it
I'm cool with everybody cool with me
But if I don't know ya I don't wanna know ya, thats cool just let it be

Infatuated with axes and sharp knives
Decapitated from the infection of long lives
Somebody better tell me what the problem is
Fuck it shut your mouth and just tell us how to solve the shit
Put me in the dark ?? and give the underground a purpose
And start a mosh pit right in the mall
And beat the shit outta each other til the last one falls

I can't figure out, figure out, what it is, what it is, where it is, where it
Is, I can't (2x)

Raise around the world that rotates
Cause we livin everyday in growin and changin fate
And I don't recognize or comprehend the word 'quit'
Because its not in my vocabulary
I don't understand that shit
And even if it all went bad
We will pick up the pieces and continue the way we always had
Cause life is a situation test
Whether you pass or fail, gotta always do your best
My momma told me I'm a half a buck short
And my pops is the reason I'm addicted to Newports
Sittin on the dock of the bay
I'm watchin time pass by, cause today's tomorrow's yesterday
Get up, get out, get right, get tight
The weed lights, hand it to the left homie all night
I ain't the right, I ain't the wrong, I ain't the way out
I'm just escapin from this realistic playground

I can't figure out, figure out, what it is
What it is, where it is, where it is, I can't (2x)

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