Master P Break 'Em Off Somethin' Lyrics

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Boy, we about to fill they **********ing head up with this ghetto dope
Time to break these hoes off somethin'
Got my *****s Bun B., Pimp see, I mean U.G.K
Done hooked up with Master P
We about to bring this **** across the border
Ya heard me, from Texas to New Orleans

Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap-pealer
Who I be, your neighborhood drug dealer
A young ***** that's bout it, I mean these No Limit Soldiers
We get rowdy
I got something for y'all haters (something for y'all hater)
Y'all can't fade us
Ghetto cheese and drug deals that's what's made us
Now I'm space-aged pimping but not Eightball
Don't make me get stupid and leave your ****ing blood on the wall
Bout' to go physco, and load this rifle
I'm from the projects where we all think alike though
And killing ain't nothing but a hobby
Don't me do a ****ing 187 robbery
And like some brand new Jordans, you tied up
You sound like a chicken so its time to get plucked
By a gangsta, keep one up in the chamber
Don't make me wear your *** like some 85 Wranglers
Now you all screwed up like DJ Skrew
Don't have my money, ***** **** you and your boo
Got amphetamines for them dope fiends
Where I'm from a little town called New Orleans
But blowing up like be -12
*****s don't give a **** cause they quick to send your *** to hell
The murder capital of the world
Where *****s don't give a **** about you, your boy, or your girl
And if you come stunting on them gold thangs
I'm a have to break you off somethin'

Break you off somethin'
Don't make me break you off somethin' (x3)

Let me set the **** straight, let me lay down the rules
If a ***** is talking ****, then that ***** gonna have to snooze
Pimp see ***** now what the **** you said
AK hit the wall tore the stuffing out the ****ing bed
I'm looking at dead, I'm fully auto
Tomorrow I got court, I ain't gonna go
***** owe me money, thinking it's funny, bought a 64'
I'm bout to pull a kickdoe
I need mo money money mo money money
Took the keys, took the cheese, and ****ed his main hunny, hunny
Now the game is escalted, cause ain't no witnesses
To go back and tell the Po-Po's all the **** we did
I'm looking at rape, I'm looking at kidnap
But when them *****es get here you gonna be full of hot caps
I'm breaking them *****es off, putting 'em in the trunk
Riding around P.A bout-it hostages blowing skunk
Cause getting rid of enemies to me ain't really nothin' nothin'
Pimp see ***** 14-96'll break you off somethin'

Break you off somethin'
Don't make me break you off somethin' (x3)

We coming down like a sail, in that goddamn rover
Just when you thought it was the beginning
You *****, now its over
You can call on the Calvary, reinforcements, and your local P-D
They getting somewhere if they see me
My ***** that's how these G's be we three, me see and Master P
Sipping on Gin and Kiwi
**** popping in your CD, ***** we popping in them clips
And now we all up in your grill live in 3-D
With drama, disaster, and death when you make me have to blast ya'
Y'all has to recognize you ****ing with murder masters
Who plaster your *** and make your momma call a pastor
Dying faster than you thought, now that's your *** bro
It's the class of 9 scrilla on the for real'a
Direct from the villa of killas, now who thinking they trilla'
Watch me fill a want to be cap pealer with them slugs
Probably for jaw jacking and jumping
***** don't make me break you off somethin' *****

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