N.W.A 8 Ball Lyrics

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"Kick that"
"Cold kicking out"
"Funky fresh Eazy E"
"Pull up a chair and I'mma tear it up"

[Verse 1: Eazy-E]
I don't drink brass monkey, like to be funky
Nickname Eazy-E yo' 8 ball junkie
Bass drum kickin, and a snag I nag
And if ain't rap, then you know it's crap
Crowd rockin sucka suckers from around the way
I got a six-shooter, yo' mean I'm brave
E rollin out,to find the boyz
To kick dust and cuss, crank up some noise
Police on my tail, I don't like jail
40 ounce in my lap and it's cold as hell
Hook a right turn and let the pigs go up
Then I say to myself,"They can kiss my butt!"
Hip to get drunk not the 8 in my lips
Put in the old tape Marvin Gaye's greatest hits
Rollin so hard had the bass cold whompin
Cruisin through the Eastside, South of Compton
See a big what, and I say word
I took a look at the face, and the girl wasto the curb
But she was on my tip for the title I'm holdin
Eazy-E's gettin busy got the 8 ball rollin

I, was.. "Cold kickin out"
I, was.. "Raised in L.A."
I, was.. "Cruisin down the street in my six-four"
"Too much posse"

[Verse 2: Eazy-E]
Ridin on Slausson lookin for Crenshaw
Turned down the sound, to ditch the law
Stopped at a light wouldn't you now
A cadillac almost wrecked the six-fo'
Flipped him off put it to the floor
Went to the store fo' more 8 ball
Actin real ill cause I was drunk
See a sucker punk, had to go in my trunk
Reach inside cause it's like that
Came back out with a silver gat
Pointed at the fool, and it was all because
I had to show the boy what time it was
When I turn around it was like a mirage
Knucklehead like that got out of dodge
Suckas be illin cause the title I'm holdin
Eazy-E's in affect and got the 8 ball rollin

[Verse 3: Eazy-E]
Olde English 800 cause that's my brand
Take it in a bottle, 40, quart or can
Drink it like a madman, yes I do
Forget the police and a 502
Stepped in the party, I was drunk as hell
Three girls already said," Eric yo' breath smells! "
8 ball in hand, that's what I got
" Yo man you see Eazy hurlin in the parkin lot? "
Punked yo' lady stepped on her toe
Asked her to dance and she said," hell no! "
Called her a skizzy cause that's the rule
Boyz-n-the hood tryin to keep me cool
You tell my homeboy you wanna kick my butt
I walked in your face and we get 'em up
I started droppin the dogs, and watch you fold
Just dumb through the bum, got knocked out cold
Fool got dropped cause the title I'm holdin
Eazy-E's hardcore and got the 8 ball rollin

[Verse 4: Eazy-E]
Yo pass the brew Ren while I tear shit up
And y'all listen up close to roll call
Eazy-E's in the place I got money and juice
Ron-De-Vu with me and we make the deuce
Dre makes the beats so funk funk funky
Do the Olde 8, forget the brass monkey
Ice Cube writes the rhymes, that I say
Hail to the homiez from C.I.A
Krazy D is down and in effect
We make hardcore jams, so give us respect
Make a toast punky punk to the title I'm holdin
Eazy-E's breakin' out and got the8 ball rollin

Man I'm outta here
Yo Eazy, you forgot to tell em what city you chill in

In the city! ( City of Compton )
In the city! ( City of Compton )

City City City of Compton (Repeat x5)

Written by: Andre Young, Larry Troutman, Ou0027shea Jackson, Roger Troutman
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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