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Backstreet Boys Lyrics

Once we were lovers just lovers we were
Oh, what a life
Once we were dreamers just dreamers we were
Oh, you and I
Now I see you're just somebody who wastes all my time and money
What a lie, you and I

What about your
Your 10,000 promises?
That you gave to me
Your 10,000 promises
That you promised me

Once I could handle the truth
When the truth was you and I
But time after time all the
Promises turned out to be all lies
Now I see I'm just somebody who wasted my time and money
What a lie (what a lie, what a lie, oh)
You and I


You said "I'll take you back"
But I closed the door 'cause I don't want
10,000 more

10,000 promises yeah (oh)
10,000 promises you gave to me

Repeat chorus
What about your 10,000 promises?
You gave to me (That you gave to me)
What about your 10,000 promises?
You gave to me
Once we were lovers just lovers we were
Oh you and I
What a lie

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