Soundgarden Heretic Lyrics

Lyrics by hiro yamamoto
Music by kim thayil

Heretic, burn at the stake
Witch float like a log

Wine from the blade on the night of the full moon
Voices that call spirits in waiting
Sharing the drink of the bond
A broth of roots and charms
Spells under a twisted tree

Heretic, burn at the cross
Witch, float like a log

Flask over fire, from cobwebs of cellars
Turning metal into gold
A secret till the last word’s untold

Accused and convicted
For nothing I suffer your fear
Nailed to a burning cross
Heretic, heretic
Loudest Love Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Loud Love
  • 2 Hands All Over
  • 3 Get on the Snake
  • 4 Heretic
  • 5 Come Together
  • 6 Fresh Deadly Roses
  • 7 Big Dumb Sex (New version)
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