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Radiohead Where I End And You Begin Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2013 10:43:03 AM

There's a gap in between
There's a gap where we meet
Where I end and you begin
And I'm sorry for us
The dinosaurs roam the earth
The sky turns green
Where I end and you begin
I am up in the clouds
I am up in the clouds
And I can't and I can't come down
I can watch and cant take part
Where I end and where you start
Where you, you left me alone
You left me alone
X'll mark the place
Like the parting of the waves
Like a house falling in the sea
In the sea
I will eat you alive [x4]
There'll be no more lies [x4]
I will eat you alive [x4]
There'll be no more lies [x4]
I will eat you alive [x4]
There are no more lies [x4]
I will eat you alive [x3]

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U'r free, hell! | Reviewer: MR contreras | 6/19/13

there are many iposible interpretations for this song, apocalypse, negative.utopia,relationships, and so on, but i´m sorry for us, we the fns can not be sure about a meaning, think what you wish, but only thom knows the meaning of this song

Optics | Reviewer: Anne | 6/8/12

This song is about rainbows.

Rainbow's don't 'end' or 'begin' anywhere as they are just a function of the angle of incidence between several rays of light and the clusters of water molecules that reflect various frequencies of the visible spectrum relative to a fixed light detecting organ.

Radiohead decided to make an album titled "In Rainbows" because or their love of complex optical systems. This song is a testament to that love.

like a trigger went off in my head. | Reviewer: Summer | 12/22/11

Yeah I definitely must agree with the human relationship and about someone leaving you for someone else. I mean think about it, the green sky. Green symbolizing envy. Where I end and you begin. Meaning like where he meant nothing to them and they had waving affections, and so therefore creating a green haze of envy inside of him and its consuming him. Totally.

Its Like THIS!! | Reviewer: Lambo55 | 12/16/11

music is all about interpretation, what anyone listening to music takes from it and how it makes them feel. music is everything to me and i love to know exactly what any songwriter is trying to convey as their message but i also like to find my own little coded messages in songs as well. so i'm NOT trying to shed light on what thom was trying to say-- but trying to open peoples minds to interpret things for themselves and find your own meanings that make a song more precious to you..
My FIRST time listening to this song years back when HAIL TO THE THIEF came out, this is what i took from it. <i dont know why> its just what i saw and felt in the moment lost in the euphoria of sound- my interpretation upon first listening.. ok here goes.
I saw this as a sort of time capsule song if you will. A message to the future inhabitants of our planet, should they be native or alien. But that one day hundreds or thousands of years from now they would find it and hear thoms message. heres a brief synopsis..

theres a gap in between, theres a gap where we meet where i end and you begin
i'm sorry for us, they dinosaurs roamed the earth the sky turns green where i end and you begin.
--(this describes the end of the human civilization and the rise of a new dominant species. and uses the rise and fall of dinosaurs as a comparison. the green sky being a result of some cataclysm that ends human existence)

I am up in the clouds
I am up in the clouds
And I can’t and I can’t come down
I can watch but not take part
Where I end and where you start
Where you, you left me alone. you left me alone.
--(this section of lyrics describes thom's spirit being up above the earth, (whether it be in heaven or just looking down from the stars take your pick), and speaks of how he cant come down and take part in the new civilazation but he's left only to himself to watch the action below.)

the rest of the lyrics dont really have much to decipher as far as this interpretation goes. Like i said this was what i got from the song when I FIRST heard it around 8-9 years ago. i know it ISNT really what the song is about but i think of this everytime i listen to this song. it doesnt matter what i think of the context now, i cant just erase that magical feeling i had back than- its just awesome music no matter how you twist or turn the meaning.

Video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/11

After watching the video, I believe the song is about drug use, specifically cocaine, and how you are not the same person while taking them. "Where I end" is when he's sober, and "where you begin" is when he is not. "I'll eat you alive" just means it's killing you.

Sandy box track | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/11

He is sad over the gap in his union. Radiohead has always been political. this song has at least three things going on. He is talking about the organic nature of his relationship as if it is natural as the dinosaurs, but even they died. He now hopes for the lies to die as well. he sees a lot of injustice in the world and at this point all he can do is hope for change. there is nothing brilliant about it. He merely is a man with man feelings and experiences. Stop being such a group of sheeple and think for yourself.

agrest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/11

It is about how someone leaves you for someone else. I end and you begin (with someone else). 'Lies' could mean those lies that we so often tell each other - that we're not gonna leave, we love and always will etc. When someone leaves you, you're still in the clouds, 'cause you're still in love, and can't come down.

These lyrics are just so obvious to me since I was left by someone for someone. But as always - your personal interpretation is the only one that matters. It could be even about making scrambled eggs, if that floats your boat.

i hate this motherfuckers! | Reviewer: gabriel | 3/18/11

come on people! this is clearly about a human relationship! when a relationship is about to end, this is the same feeling. and the phrase ¨i will eat you alive, there will be no more lies¨is too clear to be explained!
And I'm sorry for us
The dinosaurs roam the earth
The sky turns green
Where I end and you begin
when a relationshi can t work anymore , and this ¨gap¨between the couple brokes, things lack of meaning, it s like the end of the world. ¨like a house falling into the sea¨
god!, that is perfect
i´m sorry if my english is bad

Some... creative... responses | Reviewer: Richard | 3/2/11

Christians see references to god and the bible, new age conspiracy theorists see references to man-eating shapeshifting reptilians. Not too sure about that, but it definitely seems to be evoking the feeling of losing control. Like an observer watching a relationship - not necessarily between two people - spin out of control, but being unable to intervene.
But there seems to be a lot more going on here than just that. Keep in mind, there are good drugs and bad drugs. This song is what happens when you take the good kind. The down side is that it's impossible to understand the song without being in a state of mind similar to that in which it was written.

I GOT IT!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

Alright. This song is about the apocalypse. There's a gap in between the time that we see god. Thom's saying that god killed the dinosaurs, and eventually we came around and god's gonna kill us too. God left us alone after he gave us either life or religion or what have you. "There will be no more lies, I will eat you alive." So... either god exists or he doesn't, but we will know for sure when the end is near. there will be no more lies. But, we're all gonna die anyway. (by the way, it's freaking awesome that this song can also be interpreted to be about relationships)

Reference to reptilian humanoids? | Reviewer: Amurrican | 10/20/10

"I will eat you alive"

He's talking about the race of reptilian humanoid aliens on Earth who supposedly eat people alive (especially said to be children).

Other references to this are made in other songs; in the song "I Will" Thom Yorke references the underground lairs that some of the reptilian humanoids supposedly live in:

"I will
Lay me down
In a bunker
I won’t let this happen to my children"

Also in "It Rained All Night" Yorke sings: "in 50 feet of concrete underground"

There is a major bunker complex under the new Denver airport where many of these reptilian people are supposed to retreat to during some upcoming cataclysm as shown in the weird paintings at the Denver airport.

"And I'm sorry for us
The dinosaurs roam the earth"

Another reference to reptiles.

"The sky turns green"

The reptilians do not like green forested areas, or water; they prefer and thrive best in deserts or very arid climates with low rainfall and humidity.

I'm sure there are many other references to be found in other songs. So is Thom Yorke one of these reptilian humanoid hybrids?

Cha Cha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

I was going thru some tough times with my marriage and my wife and I found a lot of meaning and solace in these lyrics to reflect the gap of our relationship. This song has a very special place and a special meaning to me. No one, not even Thom Yorke can understand what these lyrics meant to me. I'm sure that when he wrote this he had an idea of what he wanted to express, but every interpretation of poetry is different to every reader/listener. Ain't it grand?

Good Lord! | Reviewer: Mystic Strawberry | 9/4/10

I can't believe how much has been read into these lyrics...It's obviously a work of genius to cause so much speculation. I thought it was about a relationship but maybe it's just because of the way my mind works...¬¬

MyGosh | Reviewer: Evert | 6/12/10

Lovely, this album.. and also other songs of radiohead, it all doesn't make sense untill you understand what heck is going on behind the smoke and mirrors of this day and age. This is just about the story people like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell are coming out with.. I mean if you still don't understand what is going on, you should delve deeper in conspiracies and all other mysteries than the information wich the mass-media and other mass-outlets are conveying. Thom Yorke, to me, clearly knows a lot more, or he's in tune with some truth-vibrations, caus' this album: genius..

PERFECT | Reviewer: CoCo | 5/24/10

i agree...any one of us interpretate this song as they will...i just love it because it make me feel somuch stuffs inside me with the same chords that the bass play over and over again..i mean, its great, and that last part i will eat you alive...pff...just love this song.