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When you're out with your friends
In your new Mercedes-Benz
And you're on drugs
And you show up late for school
'Cause you think you're really cool
When you're on drugs
And you put on your headphones
And you step into the zone
When you're on drugs
But the world don't care
If you are or are not there
'Cause you're on drugs


We are all on drugs yeah
Never getting enough (never get enough)
We are all on drugs yeah
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Give me some of that stuff (WOO)

And you twitch in your seat
'Cause you wanna hit the street
When you're on drugs
And you cause such a fuss
'Cause there's no one you can trust
When you're on drugs
And the best of your days
Will vanish in the haze
When you're on drugs
And you wish you could quit
'Cause you're really sick of it
But you're on drugs


We are all on drugs yeah
Never getting enough (never get enough)
We are all on drugs yeah
Give me some of that stuff (WOO)

I want to reach a higher plane
where things will never be the same (ugh)


We are all on drugs yeah
Never getting enough
We are all on drugs yeah
Give me some of that stuff (WOO)

we are all on drugs (x4)

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a thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/10

I think the song goes a bit deeper than drugs in themselves, its about our overhyped over stimulated society. Lots of things can be drugs matierialsm(the mecedes benz) music, power the gadgets that give us instant gratification. Indeed we ARE all on drugs.

Great Song! good subject! READ | Reviewer: Amphine | 7/11/09

This song Rocks, and weezer has a unique way of sining about thing that make sense in the end. While I like using drug I still think its important to remain real. People who make their life around drug are LOSERs and probably will end up killing someone inth end. I think it's good to use drug only in modration. Think about it if everyone got high then the world wouldn't be safe anymore, everyone would just think about and only care about their next fix. So stay safe, Be In The Know!

Remember | Reviewer: Jez | 3/18/09

Hey we all take one drug or another just be carfull guys. They can kill and you wont notice till you cant kick the habbit. Smoking shows this, Heroin is illegal and kills 10 people a year. Nicotine is available and is taken by choice and its kills 250000. If that aint proof enough that we can do it just need to be carefull I dont know what is.

this song is soo true | Reviewer: Justin | 3/5/09

I first saw the video to this song on fuse and it cracked me the hell up. I love how they place the singer's voice on all the people in the song especially the black bus driver!!! LOL. Cuz honestly we all have some drug of some sort whether it be pharmaceutical, or illegal, or over the counter,or even sex, or alcohol!!! WHOOO DRUGS!!! FUCK REALITY!!!

Wow. Uh... Interesting. | Reviewer: bored person | 9/21/08

Wow, that was interesting. Oh, and person at the bottom? Who says this song and Bowling For Soup suck? Normally, I would go out and tell you to get that stick out of your ass, music-hating fucker, but I can't rob you of the only action you'll ever get.
Uh, sorry. This song is cool; I'm all for anti-drugs. Woo.

kinda sounds like | Reviewer: mr dude | 6/18/07

When you're sliding into first and you feel something burst.

FUK U | Reviewer: SXC CHICK | 6/11/07

u r gay 4 sayin this song is bad.. and bowling 4 soup is good u fuk head do ya wanna go i will fuk u up mate!!!!

Jenna | Reviewer: Jenna Attwell | 3/25/07

This Song is Awesome dudes!!! It's From One Tree Hill and i think it rocks......YEAH

strange | Reviewer: jade | 2/15/07

this song is strange but great it reali catchy and a awsome tune that band kiks elmos butt man

great song!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Taylor | 9/3/05

screw all of the people who hate it i think this song is awesome, Weezer is THE best band EVER!!!! i think that their best song would have to be Beverly Hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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