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" If we are gonna be
that city on a hill, we have
to be a diverse city.” — tobyMac.

tobyMac wants to start a revolution, one that will sweep
through cities and erase the divisive lines that keep
people and cultures apart. Holding up his microphone like a
fist in the air, this Grammy-winning artist sees his
opportunity in the society-shaping power of music. As a
true artist, it's not his impressive sales heights or
awards that fire up his voice, but rather it's an
unwavering quest to make songs that connect and inspire all
who hear More...

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Review about tobyMac songs
Getting someone back | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song Family performed by tobyMac

This song is written very well and has an excellent meaning. It is very heart warming and makes me feel like i need to patch everything up with everyone i ever did wrong.
This song is very touching and I am planning to sing it to my ex because he is the closest thing to family i have so i am hoping this song will help me win him back...

I was made to Love "Made to Love Song" | Reviewer: Frank
    ------ About the song Made To Love performed by tobyMac

This is the only song which touched me at the hearing. Really awesome song by Toby.i love the words,Music & specially Tobymac & his troop... Its not one of my best but its my best one...

Beautiful... | Reviewer: Laurie
    ------ About the song Atmosphere (Remix - featuring DCtalk) performed by tobyMac

Great way to bring dc Talk back together, wouldn't have expected less from them, they are amazing together and it's also a very beautiful and powerful Toby Mac track, the music is really catchy and the lyrics simple but real and they really touch your heart; it's a song that truly brings hope to your heart! Sometimes it's like God speaks to me through this song... I love it!

I love Toby Mac | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Boomin' performed by tobyMac

Awesome lyrics!!!Praise our ALMIGHTY GOD for giving a wonderful singer Toby Mac,for giving him the talent and wisdom to write such beautiful songs like Made To Love,and one million thanks to Him that I could listen to these songs and feel proud of my Creator....!

14 year old TobyMac fan. | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Boomin' performed by tobyMac

I have to agree with anonymous. Listening to Toby' has radically influenced my life as a christian, and I'm not sure if I would be where I am today if I had not listend to what he's saying in these songs. Toby's music has spoken to many other kids I know, and I've only met a couple of who don't like the music, but they just said that when I told them it was christian.
I'm pretty sure kids would just lose interest in God etc if it wern't for artists like this Jesus Freak. As a fourteen year old, I can honestly say that God does speak to kids through music like this, and they definetly hear him.

A revival is coming.

p.s. Boomin' is possibly my fovourite tobyMac song!

p.p.s. hi Jack lol!!

God bless u toby | Reviewer: Ephraim
    ------ About the song Gone performed by tobyMac

That's owesome realy nice work i like it. Good job my men. we r trying to mak a band in ethiopia. Its name is 4peace & when we hear this song me & my partners got some ting maby we r yang but toby u r our model so god bless you TOBYMAC!!phraim with hes band 4OR PEAE!!!!!

Prayer | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gone performed by tobyMac

i heard this song long ago and forgot the name. it came back to me and i googled it. my prayer is that i somehow find the guts and strength to get away from a person that i love but hurts me all the time. ive tried and tried to walk away multiple times. i cant take the pain, either way anymore

guys | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Gone performed by tobyMac

seriously i love what Tobymac said in Houston Texas on the Alive and Transported tour, he said, "Girls, don't you let that boy NEAR you unless you know he love the Lord with all his heart." he is the best singer ever.

this song helped | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gone performed by tobyMac

First of all, if your ever in doubt, listen to this song, that worked for me when my grandpa died. The whole "You never know what you got till it's gone" is what reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllly helped me.
thank you for listening, Shawn 11

crazy love | Reviewer: yes i'm only 14 and you probably wont listen to me
    ------ About the song Boomin' performed by tobyMac

God has this crazy love for everyone even athiests and to think you are an acident is stupid cause 1) you arent 2) wouldent you rather be a creation than an acident. and there are stupid stupid stupid cristians that bash athiests and thats not right even though ther wrong. (some of this isn't for everyone as you can tell) we should share this crazy incomprehinceble (and i know i didn't spell that right) love rather than hiting athiests and agnostics over the head with it that isn't how you get through to them and maybe youll find i'm right maybe you'll find i'm wrong but i hope you'll find the time to read a book called "crazy love"

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