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Inductees: Jackie Jackson (vocals; born May 14, 1951),
Jermaine Jackson (vocals; born December 11, 1954), Marlon
Jackson (vocals; born March 12, 1957), Michael Jackson
(vocals; born August 29, 1958), Tito Jackson (vocals; born
October 15, 1953)

In the words of Berry Gordy, founder and driving force
behind Motown, the Jackson 5 were "the last big stars to
come rolling off my assembly line." After performing for
much of the decade in and around their native Indiana, the
Jackson 5 found their way to Detroit's hitmaking Motown
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Submit The Jackson 5 New Lyrics

Review about The Jackson 5 songs
I L.O.V.E. This song!!! | Reviewer: Sally
    ------ About the song The love you save performed by The Jackson 5

I loooooooooove this song so much, everything. I love the intro, (the video) when they stand in a single line and kind of alternately they lean to the left and right as they start singing.
Michael is sooo cute and adorable, I smile throughout just listening and watching the song, which makes me just wanna dance and sing along naturally. Love the Jackson effort(his brothers) too.
Michael's energy is definitely there, I always feel I'm there when I watch it...and that was just the beginning of the mind-blowing performances that he would radiate in his subsequent tours and shortt films.

I love you Michael so so much, you as the entertainer and as a man. It's never been the same ever since you left us, but your legacy shines through your music and millions of fans (like me) who will forever love you.

Rest in Paradise my King, Michael.

The Best Song Evr. | Reviewer: Paris McCartney
    ------ About the song Skywriter performed by The Jackson 5

This is the best song I ever heard in mi entire life. You know they all had & still do have lots of potential. No matter if they aren't together anymore. I know that that they know that they'll still be a family. They never gave up. What they did was kept on moving forward. I wish them the happiest of their lives, & hope their legend's will live on.

Pure Mike | Reviewer: Anomynous
    ------ About the song Walk Right Now performed by The Jackson 5

I LOVE this song. I think many of The Jacksons' songs were full of life and meaning. They made some great music together. Michael gives me chills when he sings. I love him so much. His voice is so strong in this. The way he sings it...I wasn't born in the 80s OR the 90s and I'm a fan of The Jacksons. I'm a terribly huge fan of MJ. Aww I just can't get over this song! The lyrics are so good. You get so much out of this song.

I<3 this song x forever :) :) :)

Correction... | Reviewer: Debi
    ------ About the song Show You The Way To Go performed by The Jackson 5

I love this song... it's one of my favorites, but then being a lifelong J5/The Jacksons/MJ fan, there's really not many of their songs that I don't love. But I'm here for a completely different reason-on EVERY single lyric site, there's a small bit incorrect section of lyrics, but it's me INSANE:
(not "work it out" as suggested by every lyric for I've looked this song up on).
First, not to overstate the obvious but "down" & "crown" rhyme-right? Why yes they do! Very good... next, & just in vase there's someone out there that still doesn't get it, he's basically saying, though it'll be difficult, WE have a tall assigned to us... as in "Heavy is the head that wears the crown".
So that's it boys & girls- hope I've helped enlighten some, while others will remain stick in blissful ignorance I'm sure. No matter- I'm already singing the correct lyrics!

Understood MJJ | Reviewer: Missing MJ
    ------ About the song Blues Away performed by The Jackson 5

There are a few corrections needed in most of the lyrics for this song. I keep this song, along with others like: push me away, Even though you're gone, Dreamer, Time waits for no one, One more chance, 2300 Jackson St. along with others on repeat. Missing Michael more than words could say. He was most definitely a messenger who was sent by The Almighty GOD to deliver a message to the world. If you listen to the Jackson's music after they left Mowtown, and went to CBS a.k.a. Columbia Records. Songs like, Man Of War, Can You Feel It, Jump For Joy, as well as MJ's Man In The Mirror, The Earth Song, Black, or White etc... Are all evidence of MJ's depth, and insight . Another Prophet gone to soon. <3 <3 <3 Michael, and ALL of The Jackson's Family!!!!

hello hello heehee mj love | Reviewer: bella
    ------ About the song Don't Say Goodbye Again performed by The Jackson 5

i L.O.V.E THIS song so much its like the best song ive ever listend too my fav part is I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you
I'm in love, in love, in love yep the greatest prt of the song great song bye oh and whoever wrote the lyrics out great job ok now i can say bye!

Memories Come Back | Reviewer: Mano
    ------ About the song I'll Be There performed by The Jackson 5

In the 70'S I use to hear many western songs and I'll be there is one of them. Then in the 80's with me being so busy with work I have lost touch of such songs though just sometime through the radio like in Singapore we do have a section of Gold 95 where such songs are played. It bring me memories of my past as school boy
Now my daughter with all the high tech has download to my computer and I am so happy that I can play this song whenever I want at home while doing some other things in the computer. Time has changed so much, memories can come back but people cannot come back like Michael Jackson -It is sad

hello hello heehee mj love | Reviewer: bella
    ------ About the song Blues Away performed by The Jackson 5

wow im the only one revewing this song oh well im not gonna say too much today so all i gotta say is greeeeeeeeeeeat song this used to be my favorite song but ive been hearing songs by the jacksons that are so good i keep changing my mum uset to use a phrase from meet the robisons i think this how you spell and the phrase is drumroll plz KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!

Ben | Reviewer: Arlin
    ------ About the song Ben performed by The Jackson 5

This is a wonderful song I just love it I never undrestood it until such time as I read the lyrics and sang with it. Truly marvelous the jacson five did a great job. Lots of love.

The best song of all time!!! | Reviewer: Chichi
    ------ About the song Never Can Say Goodbye performed by The Jackson 5

"Never can say goodbye"is the best r&b song of all time. Michael ripped this song singing of a love he will never let go of. I am truly in love with the background vocals! I can hear all the brothers in melody & harmony! (especially Jackie :-)).... never can say goodbye is a treasure of a lifetime! When I sing this I feel that I'm singing this song to my true love SJ.. I dedicate this song to him... Love u much

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