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Nightwish The Islander Lyrics

Last updated: 11/03/2014 05:33:19 AM

An old man by a seashore
At the end of day
Gazes the horizon
With seawinds in his face
Tempest-tossed island
Seasons all the same
Anchorage unpainted
And a ship without a name

Sea without a shore for the banished one unheard
He lightens the beacon, light at the end of world
Showing the way lighting hope in their hearts
The ones on their travels homeward from afar

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind long ago

The albatross is flying
Making him daydream
The time before he became
One of the world`s unseen
Princess in the tower
Children in the fields
Life gave him it all:
An island of the universe

Now his love`s a memory
A ghost in the fog
He sets the sails one last time
Saying farewell to the world
Anchor to the water
Sea before the low
Grass still in his feet
And a smile beneath his brow

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind long ago

So long ago....

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind so long ago

Thanks to Richard Porter for submitting The Islander Lyrics.

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Magic and Melody | Reviewer: Yasir | 7/8/12

The master story teller,mesmerizing blend of soft melody and harmonic voice play,....It's the perfect scoring of sound and symphony with magic of verse illumination,...It's the master piece that will carry anyone in their childhood fantasies with a little twist of age and darker plotting of senses,....XD

awsome!! | Reviewer: Caleb | 6/19/12

i accidentally heard this song yesterday and it has became one of my favorite song of all time.I didn't even know Nightwish, until yesterday.
i'm indonesian by the way, sorry for the bad grammar.

most beautiful song ever !!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3 | Reviewer: Cathrine | 10/5/11

i looove nightwish, they have been my favourite band in almost 6 years... and i'm 14 years old now!! i just looove them <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 and i love this song it's so beautiful and deep... for the first time i heard that song i fell in love ^^ and when i get a man in my life he HAS to like nightwish ;P

A new fan | Reviewer: Nightwolf | 9/10/11

I learn of Nightwish from my ex who new I loved songs about wolves and thus showed my 7 days to the wolves. I immediately fell in love with Nightwish's music and purchased every album. I fell in love with Anette's voice and Tarja's as well, I'm sad that Tarja has left but I am really excited for the future Nightwish with Anette as their lead. to anyone who hates Anette it like saying you hated Aerosmith when Joe left or the you hate the Beatles or Queen because both em can't make music anymore thanks to their dead band mates. If you hate her voice than purchase instrumental cuts off of iTunes or stuff like that.

awesome | Reviewer: Ville Merikallio | 8/27/11

This song is really awesome and only after i read the lyrics i get why it sounded so beautiful. I really have to raise my hat to Holopainen for being able to make such an awesome song.

And about Anette-Tarja thing. I think it's clear that Tarja ain't coming back and besides i personally like Anette's singing and the "new" nightwish a lot more than the "old" one. I'm not saying that everyone should agree which one is better coz they are not comparable. It's true that i don't think Anette is able to sing some songs Tarja could but on the other hand, I also think that Tarja wouldn't sound as good as Anette in singing most of the Dark Passion Plays songs.

What a song... | Reviewer: Zaros | 1/15/11

This is one of those songs that even if you hear them for the first time, they sound extremely familiar. I must say, songs normally don't make me sad, but this one did, especially those final choruses.

So long ago | Reviewer: GWAILIN | 12/22/10

This song could have been a composition from yesteryear from the 1600's or something. Absolutely timeless. It reminds me of my uncle, my mom's brother, a proud Newfoundlander who died at long ago. This song brought tears to my mom's eyes as well. It's not about genre, it's about a beutiful composition. Art evokes emotion regardless. Thank-you Nightwish for this piece of art.

GET OVER IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/10

i didnt expect to hear nightwish do a song like this, but its extremely beautiful. deep meaning. i have a simle solution for all you closed minded listeners. dont compare tarja to annete. you'll suddenly enjoy nightwish more.

Nightwish is awesome | Reviewer: Name | 7/28/10

I only discovered Nightwish I little while ago. "End of All Hope" was the only song I knew by them for a while. When I heard "Amaranth" on Youtube, I knew I'd been missing out. Both lead singers have incredible voices.
At first I wasn't so sure about this song, but it is very beautiful.

Let me just say: Tarja or Anette, Nightwish rocks. People shouldn't let the change in singers ruin their experience. Anette and Tarja are both talented in their own ways.
(I think I had the right names there, I'll feel really stupid if I didn't)

<3 | Reviewer: songwhatyoucan'tsay | 5/13/10

I love Celtic music, so hearing a Celtic song by my favorite metal band is...unexpected, but it's a very well done song. I have four Nightwish albums (but I want all of them) and I'm hoping that this song changes some people's minds about Nightwish. When I try to describe Nightwish to people, I say that they're a combination of "symphony, opera, and heavy metal." Their response is usually that they were interested until I said the words "heavy metal." I wish people wouldn't freak out about the genre that a band plays. Listen to the music first, know the lyrics, then judge the band.

Haunted Shores | Reviewer: The Poet | 7/6/09

I love this song and video. I can't get enough of The Islander. He dreams of when he was young and life children roamed the grassy shores. Now there haunted by him and his ship but he's leaving. Very beautiful.

:] | Reviewer: Archangel Travis | 5/30/09

I hate Anette's voice.
It's too weak compared to Tarja's.
I can't listen to Dark Passion Play anymore because of Anette's screeching.
I love this song though.
Funny because Anette hardly sings in it. :P

Romantic | Reviewer: Eva Karhu | 2/26/09

This song is extremely beautiful, romantic, sad, deep and downright meaningful. Whatever Marco and Annette sing (including this song) means so much to me that I can hardly stop listening to it anymore although I was a bit reluctant at first (no offense, though). I can't wait for the next album. NIGHTWISH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/09

really love this song, sounds really good where both voices come in at the end of the song, really shows marco is really talented at singing and composing too, can't wait to see if he does any more songs like it.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/12/08

I really love this song, too. It's very beautiful, sad, and nostalgic.

As for the song's inspiration, I think it could refer to the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," where the mariner, in penance for killing an albatross, is condemned to wandering the world and telling his story/lesson.