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Opeth The Grand Conjuration Lyrics

Last updated: 11/03/2013 06:15:04 AM

Faithful me
Pour yourself
Into me

Wield your power
Martyr's price
Stare me down
To the ground

Slake my thirst
Eternal wealth
Heathen key
Round my neck

This poetry
Our blasphemy
Know the sounds
Of infamy

The eyes of the devil
Fixed on his sinners

The hands of Satan
Assembling his flock
Pale horse rider
Searching the earth

Whispered conjuration
A belief takes form
Choking hand tapping
The veins in your throat

His orders in your mouth
A decree for domination
Beneath the tides of wisdom
Spins the undertow of hate

Injected seeds of vengeance
Usurper's eyes of the powerless
Clean path to his kingdom
Beckoning in the mist

Tell my why
Love subsides
In the light
Of your wishes

Say my name
Ease the pain
Clear the smoke
In my head

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The Grand Conjuration | Reviewer: ASHISH | 3/20/13

i don't have words to describe how deep they are so much connected with there music i can feel the sorrow pain and anger of something in every album i hope this band could be counted as the legend in future

. | Reviewer: Zac | 11/5/11

"Welcome to the world of odd time signatures, this is because when you tap your foot to it, you come up with 6 beats in a measure rather than the usual feel of 4 beats."

6 isn't odd time. >_> At all.

The prime numbers are, mostly.
5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, etc

All the others can be evenly subdivided.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/11

I'm in a band, so I truly know what it is to get your music as good as Opeth's... I don't knbow how they do it though. In my opinion, this is the best fucking band ever. If you really listen, like really listen, I think you'll notice it too. They cannot be matched.

Opeth | Reviewer: Stewart | 4/14/11

Mikael doesnt use a machine! get the deluxe ghost reveries cd/dvd pack and watch the making of the album. all musicians who have been/still are in opeth are amazing. one of the most brilliant bands of the century. atleast in my eyes.

what ? Rhythm ? | Reviewer: me ? | 3/26/11

guys plz what rhythm are you talking about ....
The first time i heard it i felt like i am in a haunted castle with a loud ghost and another calm one , and Mikael can make this freakin' voice change on his own ,and if you need an evidence you can watch (ghost of perdition)
Live on youtube and get cleared
Not my #1 band but 1of my best thx all

The Class Untouchable | Reviewer: nareshooo | 10/25/10

I don't believe in mass because madness of civilization is not strange than madness of an individual.I mean many people don't know what the music is,how it is propagated from an abstract combination of eros and thanatos and finally the true art it deserves.We know what rappers and pop singers in the US do,just grunz.They don't have abilities to alter vocals like Mikael neither do they know about lyrical masterpiecs.I just say you don't need to believe selling more copies guarantees the abilities of those who claim to have understood music.Rather it is the competence to believe in and to thrive in art,and to maintain the class like that of Opeth.
Opeth deserves some 200 million copies to be sold for its 1.extraordinary vocal shifts 2.lyrical majesty and most cretainly,3.relying oupon music beyond genre.the only conditionis to create some 200 songs like the Grand Conjuration.

Hell Yeah! | Reviewer: Krad Ruhk | 2/11/09

One of their greatest songs, and I have a deep respect for his ability to use his voice like that... I know how difficult it can be to get like that... and a lot of people just fail.
=D In short, AMAZING!

opeth is amazing | Reviewer: raven | 8/30/08

Um, just so you guys all know, opeth's singer mikael really does sing and scream on his own.. I've seen them in concert before. Its amazing that he can transition like that... he doesn't need a voice box... and he doesn't use it. Not trying 2 be rude... just saying.

OH I SEE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/08

i do hope the person below doesnt really think a machine does his death and that he is only calling mikael a machine.

This song is awesome and very well done. One of my faves well this and bleak!

Uhm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

To the guy down this.. Mikael (the vocalist)doesn't change the voice multiple times... he just turn on the Death Vox (A machine to transform the voice in to this "screaming".

W/e today opeth is my favorite band.

Great song.

amazing | Reviewer: Ap0calypse | 4/25/08

This has to be one of the greatest songs by Opeth, I love his voice change
Not much people can sing like this, nor can some grunt as good has him, doing it both is insane ^^

The rythm is weird, indeed, but I also like it because it is not usual - otherwise it's just always the same...

In short: amazing song / amazing band

Possibly Opeth's Greatest | Reviewer: Jorah | 2/5/08

This song is one of opeth's best if not their best. It has a nice change up of rhythms throughout, and it still manages to keep that forward rhythm through all of the volume changes.

"the beat at the start sounds like it theres no rhythm what so ever but it still sounds awsum!"

Welcome to the world of odd time signatures, this is because when you tap your foot to it, you come up with 6 beats in a measure rather than the usual feel of 4 beats.

Opeth | Reviewer: brad | 8/20/07

one of Opeths best!
the beat at the start sounds like it theres no rhythm what so ever but it still sounds awsum!
and i love how it goes quiet then loud and fast!