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As I Lay Dying The Darkest Nights Lyrics

Last updated: 03/24/2013 12:33:21 PM

For so long I
Have felt alone
Content to live with unrest
Longing faded into countless
Nights that buried my
Weary heart
You brought an end
To this dead hour
And meaning to
A calloused life

Held in Your arms
But too far from my heart

These thoughts will carry me
Through the darkest nights
While your eyes rest in...
These thoughts will carry me
Through the darkest nights
While your eyes rest in mine

I remember the way you looked
At me not the way you drew
Drew me close
With one deep sigh
Scattering pieces of my
My restless mind
Forgetting all that we

We have left behind (4x)

These thoughts will carry me
Through the darkest nights
While your eyes rest in...

Thanks to Nathan for submitting The Darkest Nights Lyrics.

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Lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/13

All you God preaching folk are fucked. I chose to be a good person not because I'm afraid of going to some evil place after I die or because some "eternal being" is going to spank me before I play with Angels. I choose to be a good person because I believe it is the right thing to do. Based on my morals and ethics and my upbringing. I choose not to take the easy way out and put blind faith into a single book that has been preverted since the day it was created. I choose to learn about The Universe, The Human Body, our Planet Earth because with this knowledge, I learn more about myself, the Human Race, and my fellow Man-Kind. You think "God" is mind-blowing? I challenge you to learn about Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and String Theory.

Overview | Reviewer: Grcia.bianca | 2/1/12

Youre right (i think) in saying that it isnt said that we have to believe in God, however, its only right to recognize Him. Just as it is to recognize your parents for bringing you to life. Its the same concept. But while i know He is real and present in our everyday moments, this song is great regardless (as well as other christian or non-christian songs). Christian songs tend to be attractive because theyre true and give a good vibe, but thats just i.m.o. But anyywwaayyyy. Point is this is a great band haha. There are enoigh religious forums to read, i wont continue to turn this into one. Keep enjoying this musical greatness! <3

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

As you all can clearly see.. there are morons (someone with a brain) everywhere. Its funny that he/she would even come to this page if they want nothing to do with GOD..... But GOD bless them whoever they are. Its sad that they don't even know or worse care about the stupid/sinful/selfish/damned state they are in.

But side note to the person who says they have brain but clearly did not use it........"I am the LORD thy GOD"........."thou shalt have no other gods before me" And just in case you "brain" hasn't started to work and you still don't understand, that means that the prerequisite to even following the Ten Commandments is believing in and recognizing the one true GOD.

In response to whoever wrote "goodsong/all u religion haterz" | Reviewer: Somebody with a brain | 11/1/11

You have just the STUPIDEST argument I have ever seen made by any religious person. And here is why.
1. You gave nothing that is an actual argument
2. The best thing you can do is NOT to believe in god, but it is to enjoy what life you have. All you religious people seem to care about is what comes next.
3. Some people take comfort in not believing in your bullshit, and don't give a rats ass what you have to say.
4. Why would God care if you believed in him or not? Not believing doesn't make somebody evil, doesn't make them a sinner. Where in the 10 commandments does it say "Thou shalt believe in me"? Nowhere.
5. You're just a moron.
I am in fact an atheist, if you hadn't already guessed it.

Awesome .. | Reviewer: Shivraj Prabhu | 6/14/11

For the 1st time when i heard their song ( Forever ) , From then i was Hardcore Fan of this band , I have heard every song of this band.. The best part of this band is all the band member always gives their Best .. A.I.L.D keep up the good work .. keeping on Rocking ... \m/

Great love song. | Reviewer: PG 666 | 9/9/10

I can't get a long with religion,and I listen to Cradle Of Filth,Marilyn Manson, Suicide Silence, Disturbed,Slipknot,Dimmu Borgir,Epica and all the stuff you guys don't like.I should say,ALID is one of those bands that makes really awesome music,and this song is definetly about someone you love,reminds me of my girlfriend,but it's okay to think it's about Jesus,ALID never directly speaks.I like christian bands,although I don't believe in the stuff,they help me see the positive side of life,and that's good!

ROCK ON | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

These guys are awesome. I found them when I was not saved, and Loved them just as much as I do now. The fact that they are a Christian band is irrelevant.

The lead singer also does Austrian Death Machine, a tribute to Arnold Swarzen...however you spell it.

I LOVE this band because I can let my Kids listen without worry.


DRF-Father of 2

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

The video for this song is awesome.

It seems to depict a Christ that avoided or survived crucifixion and a woman[Magdalene?] with infant fleeing a town being raided by black cloaked horsemen[Sanhedrin?] The couple is pursued from the town and hide. The man leads the raiders away from the mother so that she may escape and is cut down. The woman escapes to the sea shore but is set upon by more black cloaked riders but she is saved by other horsemen cloaked in white.
The story is somewhat familiar to me having read several novels and pseudo-documentary accounts of an impregnated Mary Magdalene fleeing Israel and ending up in the lands north of the Mediterranean. I find the evidence compiled intriguing but not compelling

love it | Reviewer: joel | 8/13/09

i like it for the music it is a good band and i like it my on the other hand she dose not like it she is not in my music do you think she should like it if yes why and if no why email me wat you think at ok

AILD ROCK!! | Reviewer: Lord_Iris | 8/9/09

these guys rock... seriously.
this song means a lot to me. theres a girl in the states who has a shit life, and im saving her... she is coming to live with me soon. and she introduced me to this song saying id described her feelings for me. thats what it means to me and her. i hope this helps ^,..,^
AILD rock none the less ^,..,^

RAWR | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

...all members ARE christian... that said i wouldnt call them a christian metalcore band... i wouldnt call anyband a christian metalcore band... unless all there songs are completly and utterly trying to convert me... just because there christian doesnt mean they do that, sure it plays an influence into there lyrics... but it plays the same role as everything else in someones life that makes a person who they are... and in my opinion a song is only good if the lyrics have meaning behind them, as most AILD songs do and there messages arnt all christian... end rant O.o

WTF derick winters | Reviewer: Joe | 7/13/09

Okay first off this bad is for sure a christian metalcore which is rare as hell to find a good one as well you said to everyone who beleaves that they are a christian band to get there facts straight why dont you you dumbshit ive been listening to this band since they came out in 2000 and they are getting better and better has nothing to do with there religion but there lyrics that they write come from themselves okay im into music myself and write my own songs and if there is no feeling to the lyrics then the song has no point pretty much every song has a reason to it being made and AILD has theres doesnt make it bad for being christian and yes it does seem that im wandering from the comment of yours about how they are not christian but its leading to what im saying well any ways my grandma whos in her 70s and hates metal but is very religious cryed when i read her the lyrics to one of these songs she thought i was listening to demonic deathmetal shit like my cousin well any ways there a good band and over 90% of people ive met beleave....know that they are a christian band even if they dont listen to them.

What!?!? | Reviewer: Sasquatch | 7/12/09

Okay. This is supposed to be a place for people to talk about the music, not freakin religion. Whether AILD is a Christian band or not, who cares? (they are btw) just do yourselves all a favor and just listen to the music.

goodsong/all u religion haterz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/09

ok here is my theory. If you believe in god and he is not real, nothing happens. If you believe in god and God is real, then you go to paradise. If you dont believe in God and God is not real, nothing happens. If you dont believe in God and God is real, then you go to eternal torture in a lake of fire, with absolutely no hope of escape or rescue. So, mathematically, theoretically, out of all probability, and technically, the best thing you can do is believe in Him, whether he is real or not. You say why believe in something that might not be real... well, what if it IS real? you are taking a huge chance that can lead to serious consequences. and AILD is a christian band. They usually sing about Life and the sort, but they refer to God multiple times throughout their lyrics. So get over it, they are christian, does it matter? its good music. I mean im Christian, and I listen to like Disturbed and stuff. I listen to all kinds of metal. Doesnt make me a "bad" christian. Get a grip people. you cant change facts. They ARE christian whether you like it or not.

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/09

One... this song is freaking amazing... it carries such a deep message... and who freaking cares if its christian? Im an Atheist and i still LOVE AILD... i dont believe in a God but i dont hate people that do because i believe everyone should have some sort of belief or some shred of hope to hold onto... and a lot of my favourite bands are christian... AILD, Switchfoot, Skillet, Pillar, etc...People need to stop being so ignorant of the poeple around them and stop hating and just live with it...