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Black Lab tell me what to say Lyrics

Last updated: 01/03/2010 10:00:00 AM

tell me what to say and i will say it to you i'd take one for the heartbreak one for the headache two for the constant tears one for the blindness one for the foolishness trying to keep you here i would stop waiting stop crying stop reading into why you're staying away so long i would stop calling stop writing stop faking stop denying you're as good as gone but i don't know so you just tell me what to say and i will say it to you i will do it for you i will burn this house down tell me what to say and i will say it to you i will do what you do i will burn us to the ground but even on weekdays even on sunday even in the blackest night even when you touch me and i know you don't love me and i can't make it right i would stop waiting stop walking stop trying to start you talking to say your own goodbyes i would stop drinking stop feeling breaking down and stop believing you might change your mind

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Pain | Reviewer: Roy | 12/29/09

This song is too good, i just broke with my girl, well she broke with me..maybe she wasn´t mine and it was just a stupid idea i had... is the last song i´m dedicating her...i was a bastard with all the previous relationships i had but i changed for her...but in the end it never mattered..she chose someone...that is like i was's no sense... no chemistry, nor love could beat a horrible relationship with his ex just beacuse it lasted 2 i lost mi that i know how does it feels to get heart-broken i can´t be like i was...but i can´t be the guy i´am now...i don´t trust anyone and i'm writing this pathetic message..guess i'm getting what i deserved...please enjoy the song, it seems i'm the only one who knows it...