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You take a mortal man,
And put him in control
Watch him become a god
Watch peoples heads a'roll

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the Symphony ...
Of Destruction

Acting like a robot
Its metal brain corrodes
You try to take its pulse
Before the head explodes

[Solo - Marty]

The earth starts to rumble
World powers fall
A'warring for the heavens
A peaceful man stands tall


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you wanna know the best way to find out what he says? | Reviewer: Natasha | 11/2/12

i am currently watching thesonisphere festival 2011 and megadeth was just its can really tell what he's saying,except in some parts you can barely hear him but if you know the song you should be able to hear th way it doesn't matter what you look up lyrics on and a lot of times the c.d. or tape case leaves out some parts.that happened when i bought KISS's Monster album and listening to my dad's tapes i know some songs by heart and know that there were mistakes and sometimes they won't give you the lyrics.also,i am a HUGE ace frehley and KISS fan and sometimes i can't understand what they're saying so i'll have to look up the lyrics.big ddeal.i am huge fans of a lot of bands that i don't know all of a lot of songs bcause i'm 12 and a lot of them are from the 80's and WAY before i was born and they don't sell those albums that much and we are poor and my mom has 2 jobs and my dad's dead so she doesn't have time to find the password to our account to download songs.i know a lot of songs from the radio (serious satelite radio has a lot of rock/metal so i listen to that more exept when House Of Hair comes on sunday at 9 p.m. on the normal radio,then i GOT TO hear the HOH).i also watch metal mania and a lot of other stuff on vh1 classic.some things my dad would listen to and i happen to remember from when i was a baby,like cherry pie and i think some queensryche and whiskey in the jar (the only reason one of my sisters likes it is because her name is Molly. i don't know if my youngest sister likes it) and breakin the law which i got my youngest sister into.we both love the video for sweating bullets.

crybabies? | Reviewer: Miguel Shostra | 7/30/10

I didn't know metalheads were such crybabies. I thought the line about the pied piper was crystal clear. I was trying to figure out the 'dance like marionettes' line. I'm still going to have to listen again to see if I can hear it. Dave realllly buries his vocals. Of course, it's obviously all about the guitar, which is bar none the most awesome in metal. (yeah, like I know. i'm just picking between him and hamett.)

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

this song is one of Megadeth's best ever and the ONLY, i repeat ONLY one ive ever heard on the radio. Dave Mustaine is probably the best metal guitarist out there. One more thing. Jesus christ, people, stop fighting on this web site and just leave everybody else alone. So what if they can't understand the lyrics?

?!?!?! | Reviewer: Jesus | 2/13/09

These are the fucking right lyrics are all of you retarded i have the original non remastered cd Countdown to extinction and these are the correct lyrics listen to a live version it sheds more light on everything fucking retarded ass people you are now enjoy the damn music

It's actually... | Reviewer: John | 9/24/08

It's actually "Led rats playing on the streets", just found out. Funny that every transcription of this song on the net has the same error... maybe it's just me or I have a different version, I don't know, but I know that "Led rats playing on the streets" is what I heard and think is right...

Can someone shed a light?

soooo kool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/08

honestly if you guys don't get off your mestral cycles and STP arguing then between both of you you're going to piss everybody off and no one will use this site. Anyway first guy this website is hella better than a band for finding lyrics only because band sites are slow to load and have a lot of other stuff on them especially for iPods which is the only time I look for lyrics anyway if you really take the time to go home and look up lyrics then get a life!

dfsg | Reviewer: Another Anonymous | 4/13/08

im pretty sure this is free too, and who are you to call everyone who looks at this site a non-DETH head... which no one even CLAIMED to be.... ah, and to your "not knowing the lyrics to your favorite band" comment, im pretty sure even if this was their true favorite band, no one has to know every lyric to every song to their favorite band. oh, and quick question... why are YOU on this site?

ok, fucktard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/08

First of all man you obviously have no clue as to the content of my post. Read it again amd maybe, just maybe you''ll get it. Second I did not tell anyone NOT to use this site, what I said was that if they were such HUGE Deth fans they would be on the offical website of the band satisfying all of the lyrical/historical questions they may have about the band, instead of arguing about it over a dumb-ass post. It doenst cost anything in order to do that so quit your lame ass cying excuse about them not having the funds to obtain the records. Last point, if someone is going to talk shit about how big of a fan they are but they dont even know the lyrics of the so-called "favorite" band, that is the very definition of being a POSER!!! Look, I am glad there are still people discovering Megadeth in this day and age of music and I appreciate the fact that you are a Deth fan as well, but dont make excuses for them. This is the information age and all I am saying is that this site is not the best source of information about any individual band or artist. Visit their website, it is aweseome and full of info. No hards feelings, keep headbanging and rebelling, the Dave Mustaine way!!!

fucktard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

so what if people wanna get lyrics of this site?? who the fuck are you to tell them not to use this site? so what if they only have random songs and not the full albums? what if they don't have the funds to get the albums? i'm a megadeth FREAK and i love every single song they have ever bought out, i have most of their albums bar a few, and i use this site. so am i a poser? the posers are the ones who think they are like us, but they know nothing and are doing it to be cool. megadeth can hardly be called mainstream, so how many posers would you get listening to them? posers go for harder scremo shit. fuck you.

you're all a bunch of idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

Hey dumb fuck heads, you dont have to read this website to get the lyrics. Go to or just buy the cd and read the lyrics for yourselves, which you all would if you were such HUGE megadeth fans. Fucking poser want-to-be motherfuckers. Please refrain from posting comments if you dont know what the fuck you are talking about. You are fucking it up for new DETH fans as well as mocking the great Dave Mustaine!!!

naked | Reviewer: snoozy | 10/24/07

i just got into Megadeth, like really hardcore. they are all i listen to anymore. and this song is responsible for it. you are retarded if you try to put your own made up words into this amazing masterpiece. dumbass.

leave it to the pro.
mister Mustaine. he knows his shit. you don't.

Think! | Reviewer: Phillip Norman | 6/11/07

"Try to take his balls" coming before "before the head explodes" makes no sense. It is definetely pulse.

Megadeth rocks!

uhm, no. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

It just sounds like "your balls"... so you're actually wrong numb nuts.

your wrong moron | Reviewer: your wrong | 5/7/07

dude your wrong and you are dumb its you try to take his balls

Destroyed By The Symphony | Reviewer: Luke | 5/1/07

I'm not Megadeth's biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this song is a true epitome of a classic, a legendary song. Not easy to avoid when addicted to it, I speak from experience.

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