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When one is called upon to define musical genius, few would
have any difficulty associating Stevie Wonders' creativity
with the term. His ability to "see" the world's ugly
inhabitants as well as the world's beautifulness and then
transcribing what he has "seen" is nothing short of genius.
My first contact with this genius was back in the early
70's. Even though I remembered such songs as "Fingertips",
"Blowin' in the Wind" and "Sylvia", it wasn't until the
release of Where I'm Coming From and Music of My Mind that
I came to realize More...

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Review about Stevie Wonder songs
bee me | Reviewer: bee
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

yes... im 54 now... and i remember the movie well... especially when a greaser kid maintained his dignity and stayed gold... and then the song ... fitting tribute to a young man and yes... stay gold...

The Best Thing | Reviewer: Outsiders Lover
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

This book, this movie, this story.. will be with me forever. It's unfathomable how much it touched me. My family has lived in Tulsa since, well forever, and I live there now. Before, all me and my friends wanted to do was leave this town. Leave boring old pathetic Oklahoma for something better. A life of glamour and luxury in a big city, such as L.A. Or Hollywood, or New York-- someplace famous. But now, but NOW I treasure my little town with my whole heart. The message this story sends: I can feel it in this city every minute of every day now. Stay Gold. Those two words will always be engraved in me. You don't know how much more I love life now, thanks to S. E. Hinton. The Outsiders is truly the best thing.

PERFTABLOUS | Reviewer: Ashley The Sexy Beast
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

I had to read the outsiders for English and the meaning is amazing. I now live with a meaning. Dally was my fav cause like him I didn't care about life. I was here only for the people around me. and this song is amazing too,the words, the beat, the everything. "Stay Gold"

Stay Gold | Reviewer: Alex C.
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

The Outsiders always will be the book that changed my life forever. Before I read the book, my life was boring, and every day was the same, but since I've read the book, it has changed my perspective on life forever. I try new expiriences, I say hello to complete strangers, and I'm thankful all the time for the wonderful oppurtunity that I have been given to start my life over. The oppurtunity to actually live, instead of being just another face in the crowd.

S.E.Hinton, you brought me to life, and I will forever thank you.

Overjoyed to Find Overjoyed Lyrics | Reviewer: Jazzy G
    ------ About the song Overjoyed performed by Stevie Wonder

A vastly underrated and maybe under-appreciated song. But Stevie, the genius, SOARS in this song. And in so doing, he draws me inside the music, oblivious to eveything else, and lifts my spirit. RARE PERFECTION.

I <3 The Outsiders!!! :) | Reviewer: Cam
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

I read this book just last year and I saw the movie, which my mom bought for me. I love it so much! When I read the part where Johnny Cade passed, I fgelt my heart break because I had a bit of a crush on him. Even though I'm 13 now and still trying to figure out this whole "romance" thing. But, anyway, I love this song. Everytime I listen to it I can hear Johnny's last words, "S-stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." I love him! He's partially the reason why I saw The Karate Kid (love that too). Sorry for the spoiler! RIP Johnny Cade and Dallas "Dally" Winston! :*(

The outsiders <3 <3 ! | Reviewer: Aliciamarie
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

This book is absolutely amazing. As soon as I put the book down I was blown away by how wonderfully captured the message was in this book,. These greasers had went through so much, the outsiders has changed my life and my perspective on life :),. The way S.E Hinton has created the characters makes me feel as if I knew them first hand,. :) haha I have the upmost gigantic crush on sodapop curtis :) and the amazing actor, rob lowe, who played sodapop. Ge iz now like in his 50's but his younger version will always b mines <3 haha. The outsiders, both movie and book, are so wondersful!!! I hav read the book 7 tymes in 3 weeks, (i was assigned it for english class, but loved it so much!!! I bougjt the movie and no movie has topped it and evr will! Fantastic job S.E Hinton, and thnk u so much..aswell as the film because I can see my favorite book come to life :) thank you soooo very much. This song also fits the movie well and I love it!, I recemond this book to every1.. I am 12 and the outsiders has spoken alot me. <3
Stay goldd,..<3

Gold | Reviewer: Elizabeth McEwan
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

I saw the outsiders over 20 years ago when I was a teenager with my boyfriend who is now my husband and from that day we just loved it and we tried so hard to get the song played by Steve wonder, "stay gold" but could never find it. Today I have the film on DVD and I now have the song and the lyrics. Even watching that film today still makes me cry. It is one of the best films I have ever watched and so sad . I have my own children now and I will have them watching this film and to let them see what fighting can do to people's lives.

A Spiritual Song | Reviewer: Frank H
    ------ About the song Never In Your Sun performed by Stevie Wonder

I find (and I may be the only one who finds this) NEVER IN YOUR SUN as carrying a very spiritual message.

For me, the singer is God saying that when we are doing well He does not have to help us but when we are in despair or otherwise suffering, He will be there. I don’t know if Mr. Wonder had this in mind when writing this song but it certainly comes through that way for me.

My Moe | Reviewer: Constance
    ------ About the song You and I performed by Stevie Wonder

This was our wedding song May 18,1985. Thru all the ups and downs of life, this song has proved true for us. We have been together for three decades, still in love and still seeing one another through. Most assuredly, our love has "Conquered The World"!

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