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When I'm lying in your bed
Play the motions through my head
You know that I'm thinking, I'm thinking...
And I have reasons to believe that
I'm not the only one you spend this time with, but I'll stay...

You say, you're weak,
You won't let me down,
You won't let me down.
You lie through your teeth,
You smile in your sleep,
You smile in your sleep.

When we met
You said we were the same,
You know that we're different, we're different,
And all the times you promised me that
Everything would work out in the end, you were gravely mistaken

You say, you're weak,
You won't let me down,
You won't let me down.
You lie through your teeth,
You smile in your sleep,
You smile in your sleep.

You lie, you lie, you lie, you lie
You lie through your teeth
You won't let me down,
You lie, I deserve better than this

I dream of steel. Maroon and warm,
Your end (your end), your end (your end)
You gasp for air.
I'll see this through, I'll see through you,
Your pale (your pale), your pale (your pale),
Your pale blue eyes.

When you're lying in your bed,
Your eulogy's been read
You know that it's fitting, you lie.

You say, you're weak,
You won't let me down,
You won't let me down.
You lie through your teeth,
You smile in your sleep,
You smile in your sleep.

You smile, you smile, you smile, you smile
I deserve better than this

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best song ever | Reviewer: valeria | 9/6/10

this song is the best song ever, it reminds me of how i always lied to someone i dated. i feel bad. i always lied to him. but silverstein is the best band ever. most of their songs, i can relate to. very emotional music. i love the harmony in the music. i really want to meet silverstein!!!

emo boy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/10

this song brings all my emotions when u need them, if u no life u no this song it touces u in every way... n yes i am emo... emotional... y cuz this has happened to me.. n showing ur emotions isnt bad... luvvv this song

Dats realy nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/10

Silverstein!!.. one of my fav scremo band...! I luv shane... My heroine was d 1st 1 heard 4m silverstein ,4m my frenz cell ,n i liked it, shane's screams...too...gud work silverstein...keep it up

Great song | Reviewer: Tealbaby | 1/10/10

I dated this guy, we used to live 2gether, went through troubles, but he always said we'd be okay. Sometimes at night when I couldn't sleep, awake worrying about things, I would actually see him smiling in his sleep! I always wondered what he was dreaming about... he ended up cheating on me and not only this, but he lied to my face about it. He had blue eyes (my fav. feature about him).. I will never forget when he looked me right into my eyes and lied.
Not only do I love the words, I love how he sings them and the music, the beat, etc. You feel so much when you hear it... even if you haven't felt this kind of pain before.

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

i've been cheated on and used almost 99.9% of the guy's i've dated. it sucks. i realate to this song a lot. especially since the one who cheates on me has the big blue eyes. but i keep going back to him. and i do deserve better then him, but i wish i didn't. great song.

i hope i cheer you up at least a little... | Reviewer: Ella M. | 10/24/09

Dear Lies and Kisses: I am so sorry your love life has been like sorry those girls didnt love you, and I dont know what kind of heartless person would want to use u like that:(...i would never do something like that to anyone, and love DOES just need to find your special someone. But, I know you will someday:). Dont give up just yet=). -Ella M.

How great.. | Reviewer: xxMariaxx | 8/25/09

I love this song [again]
its soo emotionaly on point and
I love how they can portray what an
individual is feeling.
does shane write the songs?
Because if he does, hes a genius and
an awesome writer/poet.

love this song <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/09

i completely love this song. and i agree with the second comment down thats exactly what this song is saying. i can relate to this song i think almost anyone can because being unfaithful i so common now a days. ne one up for new music. look up apocalyptica-i dont care. amazing song :D love it!

interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

I love when you are in a certain mood, and you just happen to turn on the perfect song for how you're feeling at that moment. unintentional of course. Its lovely. even though it isnt in this case lol

Lies and Kisses.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

I listened to this song a few days ago and I can completely relate to it. My past girlfriends have lied and used me,aswell as abusing my trust.I've become a dad almost 3 times.Seeing as how I'm under 20 years of age.I've had a real bad childhood.All I want is to find someone that will appreciate me for who I am.I've been engaged a few times,awhile later I saw she would cheat on me.My trust and emotions are literally shattered and messed up.My opinion is,most of the people in this world use the word "love" to have someone open up and shut them down,get things and money from them,or to make another jelous.But yet I keep giving people chances.I honestly dont believe in the word love or believe such a thing least not yet.

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