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Can you say what you don't know?
In darkness of the odds
The wrecking voice getting nearer
Awaiting the first sixpounder

Well, let me show you battle
That's from the path of hate
What it takes to bring you down
Like a spark resist you
Go Go!

I refuse to be brought down by you
Praise is far away from what you do
Not only are you cranking on my reign
I'm ready to blow you away... 666 (...pounder)

Hey! Wanna see the darker time
A time that never ends
It'll be too late for you
When you try to persuade me by
Load the sixpounder!

Can you say what you don't know?
In darkness of the odds
What it takes to bring you down
Like a spark resist you
Go Go!

I refuse to be brought down by you
Praise is far away from what you do
Not only are you cranking on my reign
I'm ready to blow you away... SIX SIX SIX!!

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do have meanings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/11

do have meanings after all, or otherwise the
perfect melody and harmony wouldnt fit the deep toughten lyrics,

besides alexi uses a piano or keyboard, to make songs. he tries to express him self on a keyboard,
which is lot easier then on a guitar,
atleast thats what i think

intro | Reviewer: Andrew | 10/12/11

The intro is a quote from the movie Platoon, which is about the Vietnam War. Sgt. Barnes says, "Death. What do you all know about death?" Every time I watch that movie Sixpounder starts playing in my head when Barnes drops that line.

No hidden meanings | Reviewer: Roope | 9/14/11

I read a few of the reviews of the other persons and I have to say that you guys have really tried to find the hidden meanings, but I have to break it to you... Alexi Laiho doesn't try to put any hidden meanings to the sings. According to his own words: "I'm no poet. I have no hidden meanings in the songs. Actually I usually write the lyrics just before the recording session."

Wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/11
Read your history. The sixpounder is a British anti-tank gun from the WWII ear. This song most likely references The Winter War between the USSR and Finland, during which the British military assisted the Finnish forces in holding back the Soviet advance. Hence the line, "Not only are you cranking on my reign" and "I refuse to be brought down by you"

Six Pounder Reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/10

There have been six pounder cannon for a few hundred years, but they were pretty much obsolete by the American Civil War. This song doesn't sound specific to any particular war. It was a light cannon, not a beast from a modern war. Read your history.

a simple question | Reviewer: z | 11/3/09

loved this track since 1st time i heard it few years back...i just can't get the first words of the"intro"....i get just death...anyone out there could help me???thanks
ps i ve got the cd somewhere but i just moved so can't find where it went...hope didn't lose it!!!

Sixpounder- An excellent exercise in opressively heavy melodies. | Reviewer: Tyler Dombrowski | 10/1/09

This was one of the first Children Of Bodom songs I heard. I have always wanted to hear a song that's really heavy, but yet retains dark melodies and solos that you can't get out of your head. This song to me is Bodom expressing their inner rage and having Alexi channel feelings of injustice from his mind to his fretboard. The sweep picking sections of the solos are difficult, unless you're an expert at muting arpeggios. This song never fails to make me angry (in a good way). The lyrics to me seem to have an overwhelming sense of despair and helplessness, giving rise to hatred. The opening riff is very dark, and the heaviness sets the song up perfectly for the melodies found in the rest of the song. The verse riff is pretty quick, and the twin guitars make work (try to play this song by yourself and you know what I mean). The first solo is very... opressive, and it can be seen (at least to me) as a representation of the human psyche going into overdrive in times of intense anger, because the arpeggios take you from low to high and back again very quickly. It ends with a very high note, showing that the mind can't handle rage very well. The second solo seems to be in comparison an upbeat rest from the rest of the song, but the verse riff comes smashing down like the hammer of armageddon. That second chorus leads into the songs ending, which seems to be a representation of the helpless agony one can experience when they are treated unfairly. All in all, Sixpounder is one of the best metal songs out there, and a testament to the other-worldy talent all of the band posesses, showcasing Alexi Laiho's aptitude for arpeggios.

Satanic? O RLY!? | Reviewer: semajNESS | 8/7/09

lot of people say this is why Children of Bodom is a Satanic band... but this is NOT the case.

This song is about war... WWI, to be specific. The lyrical references suggest that the song is about a type of military ordinance used by the Brits, known as the 57mm QF 6-pounder 7 Hotchkiss (or the newer model, the cwt Hotchkiss).

This is reinforced by the lyrics "The wrecking voice getting nearer, awaiting the first sixpounder", "I'm ready to blow you away", and "Load the sixpounder!" among others, along with constant references to 'War'

Sixpounder | Reviewer: Filipe | 4/11/09

for all the people who think this lyric is satanic, yes it is, but not in a worship satan way, i mean, look at this sentence: "I'm ready to blow you away... SIX SIX SIX!!"
maybe its just me, but in this sentence he is saying he is ready to blow away the devil. satanic? yes. satanists? nope, they don't worship the devil. COB rocks, they don't write bullshit satanic songs. best black metal band ever.

Six Six Six! | Reviewer: Conn Mart | 9/28/08

One of the best, if not the best, Bodom songs. The lyrics are about the Ordnance QF 6 Pounder, a 57mm cannon used by the British in WWII. I think we can all agree on the badassness of the intro.main riff and the bridge riff right before the second solo. They are both so heavy. The chorus is amazing, real heavy, great lyrics, and the solos are incredible. Overall a pretty much perfect song.

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