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Shawty Lo Biography

Last updated: 06/17/2008

Carlos Walker (born March 31, 1976), better known by his stage name Shawty Lo, is an American rapper, and CEO of D4L Records Inc..Walker's known for a whispery slow flow, which is a sharp contrast to the Bankhead Bounce, snap music and rock star fads that have brought notoriety to his impoverished neighborhood. Walker is the founding member of the rap group D4L. In June of 2007 Walker partnered D4L Records Inc. with Asylum Distribution for the release of his highly anticipated solo album Units in the City.Walker, the group’s founding member, spent a year behind bars on drug charges just as D4L’s indie debut started to gain momentum in 2004. The group D4L made Laffy Taffy when Walker was in jail. He claims that was never supposed to be their image. When Walker's solo song I’m Da Man became a club hit in 2006, he capitalized on the D-boy anthem by hooking up with underground trendsetter DJ Scream to release his I’m Da Man mixtape. Walker and Scream dropped a part two this past summer and claim to have sold 60,000 copies between both installments. He is currently signed to Asylum Distribution and group label D4L Records Inc., and has recently gone to become a solo artist. His album was released on February 26, 2008, and is titled Units in The City. Walker's popularity rose in 2008 as a solo artist with his single "Dey Know". Walker has made several appearances on songs and remixes, such as with Killer Mike on 2 sides. Walker has also been compared to fellow Georgia rapper Young Jeezy, who made an appearance on Walker's hit single 'Dey Know remix'.