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Come with me
My love
To the sea
The sea of love
I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

Do you remember
When we met
That's the day i knew you were my pet

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

Come with me
My love
To the sea
The sea of love
I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

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Favourite song ever | Reviewer: Karren | 9/15/13

I love this song song so much, I remember being in the veterinary clinic when my beautiful big dog was put down, I sang this to him the last time I ever saw him and every time I hear this song I end up in tears, it's such a beautiful song and I love it to me death.

A heart broken girl in the sea of love | Reviewer: jennifer sea | 7/10/13

This is a sweet calm and beautiful sing. When i heard it on Juno i went to go look it up right away. so happy i found it! Ive listened to it now about 500 times;). But it is the song i listened to when i had thoughts of breaking up with my boy friend. That and All Alone by Dave oDowa. You guys should listen to it. But even though it made me cry everytime, im just crazy over it!. So yea im heart broken, but ill find live again!!

answering | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/13

The lyric "i knew you were my pet". Im pretty sure its supposed to mean, he follows her around like a puppy and he adores her like pets adore their owners. And if you own a pet, it obviously belongs to you, so i suppose shes also saying he belongs to her.

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Becca | 3/27/13

This song is so amazing. Everytime I hear it, it always makes em cry because it brings up so many emotions. Happy ones and sad ones. Mostly happy momories come up. :) Haha. Thanks for making this song! <3

pussinboots | Reviewer: meow | 1/17/12

i fell pregnant and 17, and this movie helped me heaps cuz it came out about the time i found out. This song is the best in the whole album, I have listbeded to it about 30000 times over and over again.

juno, best movie ever | Reviewer: Muhd Siddiq | 12/14/11

i moved to tears when i listen to this song where the part paulie bleeker comes and hug juno on the bed. i'd be the luckiest person ever to be that person (juno) she's a strong girl, and inspirational. this is such a good song, from a very good movies! <3 it so much

Broken hearted, in love with a song. | Reviewer: Hannah | 4/4/11

The movie Juno is my favorite movie, and it has helped me through some hard times as well. Though, it has been a while since I last saw the movie, when I today, came across this song on youtube. It sounded so familiar but I couldn't remember where I had heard it before. As soon as I realized where I first heard the song I immediately wanted to sing along and looked up the lyrics. I am sure this song will help me through my break-up which is going to happen today, weird, huh?

Sea of Love | Reviewer: sam crespo | 3/20/11

It just goes to show how important the music is in a song. Ive read all the comments on how beautiful this song is. And it is I am not knocking it. But realisticaly, its a 6 sentence paragraph. But the melody of the piano supporting the words is really what makes Sea of Love a tear-jerker. I too cried at that Juno scene, I saw it today and made me look up the lyrics and came across this site. Nice to see so many sentimental people ;)

corrections | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/11

The phrase, "You are my pet," has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the name of performer, Cat Power. This song was actually written by Phil Phillips in 1959. Not at all the first time it has been covered. Also, Cat Power is not a group. Cat Power, which in and of itself has little meaning, is just a pseudonym or stage name she chose to replace her given name.

To Questionmark | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/11

Well, in this case, the entire song's theme is a love song, so it may be more metaphorical as in "you are mine. My love." that kind of thing. However, another consideration is that the song is by a group called cat power, so it may translate into literal meaning "you are my pet" Hope that Helps!

Explanation please! | Reviewer: Questionmark | 1/30/11

Hi all!

I love this song too, heard it when watching Juno, like the most of you.
I have a question though, about the meaning. As a non English native speaker, I was wondering if there was a meaning I didn't get here:
"I knew you were my pet".
Should I translate it litteraly, or is there any other meaning?...
Thanks for replying!

Love it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/10

To the person who said lover is a retard.... she meant "bleaker" but spelled it with an "I" not an "ea" so it looked like biker, so be nice. And yes, this song gives me chills too, something about it makes you think about life, and if you like somebody or are with somebody, they just kinda pop up in your mind. I love it. =)

anon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/10

this song is great, but lover is a total fucking retard. it wasn't a 'biker' it was poly bleaker. you have to be a total idiot not to notice he as a runner the entire fucking movie. go die in a pit.

so touching | Reviewer: Suzanne | 10/12/09

this is the only song i know that can make me cry in two minutes. it's such a beautiful and touching song, even though there aren't a lot of words and it's not a long song. sometimes it's the simple things that make us think, make us happy, make us feel emotional. cat power, this is the best love song of all time.

passionate about it<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/09

i love this song!:D && yess i am one who also heard it on Juno. Even though this song doesnt say much, it has great strong meaning,&& youll understand it when you are in love, youll enter the sea of love:D i love this song, its one of my favorite. && cat of power is great. i love there other songs too<3 && it also made me cry, this song is beautiful

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