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Pink Save My Life Lyrics

Last updated: 06/11/2010 12:00:00 PM

Verse 1:
She's back on drugs again
Even though she knows it ain't right
She can't even call up her friends
And say "help me save my life"
She's so ashamed of herself that she's
Come full circle
Nobody understands what it's like to
Be this girl
So She, she disappeared, and she,
she Wasn't clear, and she,
she Didnt say where she was going

Save my life, won't you help me
Save my life, won't you help me
Save my life, won't you hear me
Save my life, won't you help me

Verse 2:
She had the man of her dreams
And some success
And she was so happy, and looking well
It was this one dark night, that she
And then the next morning that she
Felt like a piece of shit
So she's she's hanging out, and she's,
she's With the crowd, and she's,
she's Travelin' where the wind is blowing


And he's a real good guy and he,
he Wants to save her 'cause he's
More than been there all before
And she's, she's so confused and his, his heart
Is breaking and he
Dreams she's knockin' on his door

save my life

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