Roger Miller Lyrics

Born: 1/2/1936
Birthplace: Fort Worth, TX
Deceased: 10/25/1992
Year in Country Music Hall of Fame: 1995


Roger Dean Miller, born in Fort Worth, Texas on January 2,
1936, was the youngest of three brothers. His father died
when Roger was 13 months, and his mother soon became
seriously ill. Each of his father's three brothers took one
of the boys to raise, and Miller grew up in Erick,
Oklahoma, where he learned to play the fiddle.

Quitting school in the eighth grade, he supported himself
with odd jobs until military More...

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Review about Roger Miller songs
Most beautiful Christmas song | Reviewer: Mark A Hughes
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

Brace your self, this song will take you back in time,the world was a much different place when this song came out.Those old memories will flood your mind and perhaps,bring a tear!

A Treasure | Reviewer: toni jean bentley
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

Roger was ahead of his time. Whether he was singing or talking, you had to listen faster.
He was valued by many. Loved, honored by some. Recognized by far by too few.
So, so many do not understand, ' genius.' Because of this they label people like Roger, ' odd balls,' or, ' kooks.' Might I add that, throughout history, most geniuses were labeled thusly.
He truly was one of a kind and he left us behind way too soon.

Great Song... | Reviewer: Don
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

Dang me :) I just happened to do a search on You-tube for a Christmas DVD I was going to burn and I came across this. Yes, like everyone else it reminded me of my childhood and it is such an endearing classic. The people who own the rights to this song should re-release it (the original version by Roger Miller) because a lot of younger people don't even know it exists. My six and eight year old daughters are now walking around the house singing this song as I type.

Doesn't get any better | Reviewer: Mark
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

Roger Miller was a man who could think outside the box. I know most of his stuff as silly - "My Uncle used to love me but she died". This is the other side of the spetrum. I also wish more people knew it, I don't know why they don't.
One of those marketing things I guess. I only discovered it a few years ago. Changes the way I see my little boy at X-mas.
The other Christmas song not well known is
"The Secret of Christmas" - Bing Crosby is best
(only) version. Grew up with it. Listen to it. Merry Christmas.

What a precious song | Reviewer: kim morgan
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

I remember this song as a young child and I would sing it to my 3 sons during the holidays when I tucked them in the bed. Now I have 2 grandchildren and I can't wait to sing it to them. I'm a huge fan of both Roger Miller and Glen Campbell, their classic songs never grow old.

Little Toy Trains | Reviewer: mary
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

This is an endearing and wonderful song no matter who sings it! Roger Miller sings it best however. I have heard it also by the Shaw Brothers. Just know they were a Folk group back in the day. My son loves this song. I have 2 different sets of lyrics for the song. The other mentions drums. My son loves this song as well. I sang it to him when he was about 2 and since this is a boy who has a speech imparement it is wonderful that he sings it now to this very day.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Chug-A-Lug performed by Roger Miller

if you need a pick me up and have spent any significant time of your life in the country this song as well as many of roger miller's songs will put you in a rip roaring and ready to go kind of mood

    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

My mom loves this song and was certain Glen Campbell recorded it, but we have never been able to find it anywhere. We have sung it to other people and they love it, but no one has ever heard it before.I never realized Roger Miller wrote it, but it makes sense. His songs are so simple, but eloquent, just like this one.I love this song and wish more people knew it.

"Chorus" IS correct | Reviewer: Ron
    ------ About the song King Of The Road performed by Roger Miller

The lyrics are in fact "let," not "lend" and "twelve four-bit room," not "ten full bedroom." Also, this song has no "chorus": This is the first of two verses; there is also a bridge.

This song is one of the best | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song LITTLE TOY TRAINS performed by Roger Miller

I heard this song when I was a kid in the 70s and it always played in my mind around the holidays. I remembered every line and when my daughter was born I sang it to her every night. Today she is six and every night I still sing this song to her, she loves it and I wished that I could find it to record for her. I always thought that Elvis Presley sang this song, wow what a surprise to find out that it was Roger Miller. I am going to see if I can download it from a site, because it will always remind me of being a young boy on Christmas.

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