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Tiger Army Outlaw Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 10/12/2010 11:00:00 AM

desert night under lonely stars. crusing down the highway takes me farther from home. whiskey and regret... neither can erase the fact that i have done wrong. so now i'm on the run. the law is on my trail. let down the only girl that ever seemed to be the one for me, so now i wander alone. alone in a cheap motel room. praying to the Lord above. burden of the past rests so heavy on my shoulders. my conscience carries the weight of blood. cigarette smoke and shadow. a neon cactus in the night. did what i did because i thought that i had no choice, but there's always another way. i look to the moon and stars, somewhere underneath them she's there. never spoke the words of love i hid in my heart. if she heard them now would she still care? wonder if she's thinking of me? does she hate me for what i've done? how i wish that i could change everything and go back now that my last chance is gone. it's gone. moon, will you tell her for me, i'm sorry for all the trouble that i've caused. if only i could find a way to return to her someday, for i long to hold her in my arms. but i fear that i'm not long for this world, because i will not go out without a fight. i'm running forever and if they should catch me... one last thought of her before my gun is fired.

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The Outlaw Heart, a statement of Tiger Army. | Reviewer: Biyouki | 10/12/10

This is what I love about Tiger Army. Open ended stories, no background; the crucial structure to allow imagination to place on in the moment. It's obvious that the character in this killed someone, so in order to feel the song, I suppose one would have to be able to relate to such an action. The idea of being chased away from true love, most likely never to see him/her again. This idea can bring a tear to anyones eyes. Though it rarely rhymes, most can forget this in just listening to the message, and seeing clearly the landscape being well enough explained. Praying in a cheap motel room, looking to the stars and moon, feeling regret for one horrible action, that leads to an even more depressing action; nearly anyone can relate to these things. Beautiful song.