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Pain - made to order
Pain - made to order
Pain - made to order

I'm not the second coming, I'm the first wave
Better get an army, cuz the fire left me unscathed
You betcha bottom dollar I'm the top of the shit pile
So stick around cuz I'll get to you in just a few
Step off the achtung, get back or get stung
Idiotic sense of yourself, are you that dumb?
Entire legion of me, totalitarian
The one and only muthafucka, top of the world man

Cuz I can't stand it, planned it, gonna crash land it
In other words, consider me branded
Another version of me, another version of you
Both barrels - what you gonna do?

All I hear is human noise
You made your own fuckin' choice
I belong to only me
Silence for my revelry

I can only die over time
Filthy hands, stay away from mine
Every reason is a right to hate
Painful clutch - death is fine, gimme mine

Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away

Somebody explain this
You don't care cuz you don't exist
What the fuck is this another joke?

Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away
Only one of us walks away(Walks away)
Only one of us walks away(Walks away)
Only one of us walks away(Walks away)
Only one of us walks away(Walks away)

Writer: Fehn, Christopher Michael / Thomson, Mickael Gordon / Jones, Craig Alan / Crahan, Michael Shawn / Taylor, Corey Todd / Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Gray,
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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HE NOT TALKING ABOUT A PERSON (hes talking about "The Man") | Reviewer: Scott Francis | 5/1/13

HE NOT TALKING ABOUT A PERSON (hes talking about "The Man")

This song is about fighting the Power-elite /Uncle-Sam
--- In fact the main theme in all of Slipknot's music is fighting for the people's right to mental freedom...

In a world where we are constantly attacked by Hollywood-sorcery and wall to wall subliminal advertisements; what we really want is mental freedom.

Different, but awesome... | Reviewer: Areku Gur | 5/31/10

Well, I:

1) Think that people saying he 're-worked the lyrics a little' are making a huge understatement. Hardly any of it is the same

2) LOVE this song regardless.

3) Would hate to be the guy he's singing about :P

WWTA | Reviewer: Ratt | 11/29/09

I don't think this song is about anyone in particular;
I believe, like Killers are Quiet, it was written for the White Wolf roleplaying game- Werewolf: The Apocalypse. About a really, really fed up garou who normally played peacekeeper and was taunted one time too many.

Uhhh... | Reviewer: David | 6/27/09

all you people are talking about how COREY wrote the song, this is a cover of a Mate Feed Kill Repeat song, so Corey really didn't write it. He did change the lyrics up a bit, so I guess it could have SOME meaning to him, but the chorus and start (PAIN!....) aren't his.

this is cool | Reviewer: bradybushby | 3/7/09

i thought his dad died before corey was born, and its pretty funny that the worlds heaviest and fastest drummers are straight outta des moines, youd thik like sweden, or la, maybe tokyo, nope- des moines IOWA! right next to south dakota, where im at. with all the combines and tractors....and cows

Awesome! | Reviewer: Andrew | 12/18/07

This song is about a person that corey taylor hates. he probably would kill the dude, i don't know the name, but it was about someone in his hometown. i love this song though. and joey is awesome in every song. :P taylor is fucking huge, he looks like a football player in some ways. i'd be scared to fuck with that SIC motherf***er. and i never heard the rap one, probably don't want to either. i love this version for life! :P


that last paragraph | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

wow that last paragraph got me really ready for nothing, but it and most of the other songs on the album are about his dad and i guess he means in "only one of us walks away" i hope it doesn't mean he's gonna kill him:S

only one of us walks away. | Reviewer: your mother | 5/22/07

i really love this song, it's really powerful, and you can really dedicate it to real ass faces that you know.xD

Quite Good | Reviewer: Rikardo | 5/10/07

I prefer the Rapping in the original, but I prefer the heavy bit (the majority) of the new one.

Fucking GREAT! | Reviewer: Lilly | 6/20/05

Great song. Better than the other version. Really listen the Joey's drumming in this one. It's awesomes. x3

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