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NB Ridaz Notice Me Lyrics

Last updated: 11/01/2012 02:17:39 PM

(NB ridaz)
Ohh I want to let you know
That I'll always love you baby

Sometimes I think about
Everything that we've been through
And I pray that you would just open your eyes (NB Ridaz)
I love you (I love you baby, I love you to girl) I need you (I need you too)
So please don't throw our love away (forgive me girl, Don’t throw our love away)

(Nb ridaz)
Since the day you and I snuck away to be alone
I knew from that night something special went on
It must have been the first kiss
You told me that nobody else in the world made you feel this
I felt the same way too but nothing stays the same
I'm sorry for the tears I'm sorry for the pain
You were the one that always made things right
I promise you this though you got a friend for life
Maybe one day we can try it again
And maybe things can be a little different
So lets just kiss and say goodbye
Cuz I really cant stand the pain of seeing you cry

I've given everything (given everything)
I loved you endlessly
But when it comes to me
You don't even notice me
I've given everything (yeah)
I loved you endlessly (oooh)
But when it comes to me
You don't even notice me

(NB ridaz)
All that's mine is yours that's what I said
Treat you with love and respect in everyway
You wanted I gave you need me I was there
Now you treat me like if I'm not here
I love you and I need you don't want to let go
If you want somebody else please let me know
Can't take it no more I feel I'm dying inside
Is this the price I pay for handing you my life?
I know I'm not perfect but I truly care
So when you wake up one morning and I'm not there
Jus remember I loved you it will never be the same
Gave you everything and you threw it all away

I've given everything (given everything)
I loved you endlessly
But when it comes to me
You don't even notice me
I've given everything (yeah)
I loved you endlessly (oooh)
But when it comes to me
You don't even notice me

(NB ridaz)
I gave you my good and my bad
My heart and my soul,
My trust my money my time,
What more could you ask from a man
Even when times were hard
I held out my arms and held you
Even accepted you through whatever weather
But now I'm feelin we're at the end of the road
Whatever we had now I got to let go
Nights like this I wish raindrops would fall
To cover my tears
Wishing I could replace all those wasted years
Of loving someone who couldn't love me back
And now again I got to start from scratch
But I know I've given you my everything

I've given everything (given everything)
I loved you endlessly
But when it comes to me
You don't even notice me
I've given everything (yeah)
I loved you endlessly (oooh)
But when it comes to me
You don't even notice me

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love pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/12

it hurts truly much when the person you love the most seems to not care about pains me when he doesn't acknowledge me.his feelings towards me are a mystery.will he ever be my significant other??

try not to fall in love | Reviewer: julie | 3/20/12

i know love hurts but still i try to love even when i know they are its a chance that i take martin is this name i never get to see him but my heart is glued an no matter how much i pull way i never brake he is to good an so sweet an never will i be mad at him he has the sweetest voice an if you were to meet him automatically you'd fall for him :(love does suck especially if that person is great an always will be don't fall in love when the person doesn't love you back

love hurts | Reviewer: Selosa | 4/17/11

you know when I always here NB Ridaz I always know that what there songs i going to be is something so deep and everything they say in there music speaks to alot of people in so many ways that this song here touchs somethings so deep with in my soul because it's eveything that I been through instead of the guy being done wrong I was the one that was hurt love is blind at time

Love this song | Reviewer: Paola | 1/10/11

My ex don't even talk to me anymore we had something going an I always hear this song everytime I remember him and the times we had but I wish I had a chance to sing this song to me because he don't relize how much I gave him and he won't ever relize cuz I won't be able to tell him

dont want to lose her | Reviewer: josh | 11/14/10

these lyrics are exx just told me to listen to this hurts ..this is someone i adore.i treated like shit but love to death.i know i was wrong.and regret stuff ive done.i dont wannt to lose her.shes the girl for me.yeah we argue at times for stupid stuff but thats part of a relationship.if she leaves then i walk one by my side.if your reading this tonya.dont leave.cause i love you so much.. i was told not to give up on something i cant go a day without thinking probably the only dude on this review page...but i can care less.i just want my girl..i miss your warm hugggs. your kisses.and everything about sorry.for everything ive done and im not perfect.i want to apologize for anything else that could happen..but i dont want anything to come between us..

Love | Reviewer: Lily | 10/25/10

Dam this songs reminds me of my exx So much I love him so much we had to end things because of some stupid hoes it hurts a lot because I see him At work n I feel like he loves someone else=[ bt there isn't a dAy that goes by that I don't think bout him I love him so much I would do anything just to be with him to just give him a kiss

LOVE SUCKS! | Reviewer: sandra | 12/24/09

i cant believe that my boyfriend doesnt even say hi when we r at scool he doesnt even say nor i luv u.He doesnt notice just lik this song .but he does say that wen we r out of scool and nobody is there.last friday i saw him hug the girl i most hate.her name is anahi and she made me break up wid my boyfriend about 1 year ago.alex has about a week that hasnt called me.l miss him so much! LOVE SUCKS!

i love this song i always listen to this song everytime when it comes to break uo | Reviewer: cheryl bruce | 5/13/09

i love this lyrics Nb Ridaz there my Bigges fan i love them and i hope so they keep it up with there songs and never let the fans down. my favorite songs are.....NB RIDAZ- i wanna love you, so fly, pretty girl, and notices me. Everytime when it comes to a break up i listen to this songs cause it remind me of me and boyfriend just want to say that i love you babz and that you mean the world to me always and forever babz

Cheryl Bruce
Tyrone Lamirande
always and forever<3

Its true about wats going on with me and my BF | Reviewer: Teresa Besek | 2/27/09

well ever since me and my boyfren first broke up becasue i thought he was like what ANGIE part of the lyrics said but later on i found out that he was suffering because of me living him in the first I promise to love him endlessly..

am i invisible? | Reviewer: lizzie bee | 2/10/09

omg i love this song it gets to me every time.
well i had this friend i was crazy over and over the summer we got even closer and things happened and i thought we were gonna be together but all he said was that wed only be friends and thats all we could be i was so crushed and kept wondering if i was invisible to him

this song makes me cry :/ | Reviewer: chary | 1/18/09

This song really touched me. I've been in love with my best friend for years. Suddenly about two months ago, he ocnfessed he loved me too, though because of time we couldn't go out because we are always busy..we tried a relationship without worked for a week and then things when wrong so i stopped everything i told him to forget everything.. but then we talked and we settled things, though now we are only friends, and it breaks my heart because it does seem like he forgot like i told him to..i love him like noone else..and he he loves me too..but he says hes not ready for a relationship because of time and friends, senior year..and thats my case also...but im dying in tears because everytime i see him i die to kiss him one more time..just one :(...sometimes i feel like i will find love again..because he's the only one i've ever loved. We've known each other for about 7 years..and its hard to forget that :(

</3 or <3? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/08

This song goes with me because i did what the girl says to my ex bf and he with some other girl now cant get over him but i gotta move on....
I wonna be with him but he don't like me no more i want his girl to go away FOREVER and not come back!!!!!
But thats a wish =[

Hard 2 love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/08

when i first listened to this song it reminded me of my sons father but instead of me singing the girl part he is and i am the one breaking up we have been together for a while and i am done with his lyin cheatin azz

CEDRIC <3 | Reviewer: sarahz | 10/1/08

i love you babii. :) this is mine and my boyfriends song since forever! its so cute and we love it and always sing it together. lol we get it stuck in our heads all the time too. <3
this is the greatest song!!!!

VANESSA | Reviewer: VANESSSA | 4/9/08