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Sean Paul Never Gonna Be The Same Lyrics

Last updated: 06/27/2013 12:12:22 PM

As the reality of the times take hold,
We come to terms with the sadness we bear
Missing the times we never get to share
Wo wo, wo wo, wo wo.
Just a few words because we care
Still I got all the memories
Wowo wowo.

Say when mi look up ina mi life its plain to see.
That its never gonna be the same.
Take another step on towards my destiny.
But the memories still remain.
Deep ina mi brain inna mi soul I hold the key.
Said its never gonna be the same.
Throughout life and beyond all eternity.
Yo, we keep burnin up the flame.

Verse 1:

Wish I could rewind all the hands of time and bring back
Daddigon a great bredrin of mine, I....
Sit and remember all the things that we spoke of,
All of the serious reasonings, all di tings we make jokes of.
Still cannot believe them took your life away
But those who pull the trigger cannot take away.
The covenant the righteous have with Jah Jah.
So I know I'll see you again my brother.


Verse 2:
Fi all the friends and families that have past on.
Leaving impressions and memories that will last on.
We give thanks fi all the time that we know them,
Reminisce them legacy that is what we owe them.
Because they helped to make us who we are.
So let us never forget and talk it near and far.
Bless up Grandpa Lee and Aunt Chris-I
Can't forget you if I try.


Verse 3:
Father Bogle (keep burnin up all the flame)
Simpleton (never gonna ever gonna be the same)
Peter Cargill (keep burnin up all the flame)
Shorty Malcolm (got memories inna mi brain)
Nicole Wynter (keep burnin up all the flame)
All friends and family....We'll never forget you all

Chorus: (repeat)
For all the friends that have passed on before,
We pray that you rest in peace and Jah keep u safe 'until we meet again

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Spirituality | Reviewer: Ras issachar | 6/27/13

Mi giving tnx to di almighty holy emmanuel i Selassie i Jah Rastafari for giving mi brother the strength in mind to wrote a song that relate to the people's emotions Yeah dat's it. A tribute to al those loved ones who hv passed on we'll never forget you. Jah bless us all

Never gonna be the same ..............RIP Dad | Reviewer: Abraham pacifico | 2/4/09

what a wonderful song, remind me of my dad. word can not express how I feel when I lost him. great lyrics- thanx sean paul for this great song continue workin. wishin good luck on ur career. Can't wait to see again Dad.

Never Gonna Be The Same | Reviewer: Caroline <3's Johnny | 9/7/08

I love this song. So beautiful, and it's really true. I lost some people close to me, and life ain't never gonna be the same. I'll never forget them though, and they're in a better place. R.I.P. Grandmama and Mr. Arthur.

never gonna be the same | Reviewer: hakan korkmaz | 10/26/07

i really do agree with sean paul in that ll never gonna be the same..but we have to resolute to the situation in which we are ... and look to future with hopeful eyes

he is brill | Reviewer: sherry | 7/6/07

i love sean paul he me favorite singer man i always love him keep doing jamacia proud
he comes from me home town

------ About the song Never Gonna Be The Same performed by Sean Paul | Reviewer: ibrahim | 3/27/07

This song awarded to Daddigon Sean paul's friend who died early in 2005 and he had to write a song about it. Sean paul the best artist, and my favorite out of all. Reggae+D.J.

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never gonna be the same | Reviewer: mike | 2/28/07

its a good song styll...i wouldnt say hes the greatest cuz he doesnt sing about real shit usually. but this song is definately wun of the greatest he made styll

never goona be same | Reviewer: | 7/25/06

the song is a legaend and a respect sean pual love the song every time its on a sing with it also good song becos the video is in jamaica in his country and he sings it to the reggae king bob marley respect?

a review on sean paul | Reviewer: bex | 10/15/05

i think sean pual is an amazing artist, you may never get a better singer than him, i relly like his songs, most of them you don't know what there saying but there still amazing, i really like his new song ' we'll be burning' every time it's on the t.v, radio, mp3 player i have 2 get up and dance it's GR8