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Rancid Olympia WA. Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2011 12:00:00 PM

Hangin' out with Lars down on 6th street
he knew I was in trouble
I was feeling much like the devil
there was something burnin' deep inside of me.

Ran into three Puerto Ricans
these girls took us to the funhouse
where we played a lonely pinball machine

Hangin' on the corner of 52nd. and Broadway
cars passin' by but none of them seem to go my way
New York City well I wish I was on a highway
back to Olympia...

I'm having a hard time understanding
it gets all too demanding
she's all cold and I'm stranded
something burning deep inside of me

all I know it's 4'o'clock and
she ain't never showed up here
and I watched a thousand people go home from work


How many times will it take me
before I go crazy
before I lose everything
something burning deep inside of
me ran into three Puerto Ricans
those girls took us to the funhouse
I don't wanna be alone again.

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