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Echoes of reggae comin' through my bedroom wall
havin' a party up next door but i'm sittin here all alone
two lovers in the bedroom and the other started to shout
all i got is this blank stare and that don't carry no clout at all

Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

He's singin and she's there to lend a hand
he's seen his name on the marquee but she will never understand
once again he's leavin' and she's there with a tear in her eye
embraces with a warm gesture it's time, time to say goodbye


Ruby's heart ain't beatin cause she knows the feelin' is gone
she's not the only one who knew there's somethin' wrong
her lover's in the distance as she wipes a tear from her eye
ruby's fading out, she disappears, it's time, time to say goodbye


Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

Destination unknown (Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho)
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

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Ruby lives in soho which witch was in in the 90's had lots of clubs underground | Reviewer: Dan banker | 5/27/13

To me i always figured it was written/ about one of the band members. Likely as how it starts off Tim's writing a love ballad. Even those there's a party goin on he's just chill maybe a little bumped out him self about the sad reality of having no choice but to leave probably lots of amazing girls that you simply can't uproot and shove in your shitty tour van. Plus their was no face book and long distance was like .30 a min back then.The destination unknown part is the fact the bands trying to make it, the lover can't even tell his baby were he'll be next week much less when he'll be back to see her. It's hurting both of them, she's a female stuck just trying to survive and make it in soho/ NYC. This isn't the first time they've had to say goodbye. But that amazing feeling of being with the person who has all of your heart, is gone. Idk if that means cause they both know something's wrong as in this time it's over for them, or if it just another agonizing separation till they see each other again. She loves him that she will never understand how he could stand to go off and just leave her. Anyway you look at it though I personally think the girls name is ruby and at the time she lived in soho. Just my take on things
Rancid's will always pick you up! Peace

Suicide? | Reviewer: Baldo | 10/12/12

To me it looks like the ending of "Red moon" or "Ggf", therefore i believe that in the end ruby saying goodbye is saying goodbye to life.
Death is the great unknown.
Rancid, always sing in happy tune sad and terrible things. That'swhat makes Tim so special!!

what i think this song is about | Reviewer: max the bat | 11/20/11

My assesment is that ruby is the punk in the room next door and the couple neighbours next door were having a party and fucking and they were shouting so ruby couldn't take it anymore and had to leave so quikly that he had no time to think about his destination, thereby destination unknown. The rest of the song is about ruby and the girl in the couple next door which he may be yearning to fuck and the part about saying good bye is about ruby and the girl next door going to fuck or away with her boyfriend ... ya dig?!

good | Reviewer: lezzo v | 10/16/11

this is realy good.everyone should listen to make more interesting cause the song is saying SOHO.soho is the surname of naga(tribes in india) people too. So i can dedicate to my girl surname soho.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

this songs about the guitarist and his girlfriend, hes leaving to go on show and she cant understand his dreams and eventually falls out of love with him because hes always leaving to go play with rancid. they said in an interview he wasnt even aware the song was wrote about him untill the lead singer told him

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

To "anonimous":
I don't know what the fuck kind of douchey pop-punk you grew up with, but REAL punk has absolutely nothin to do with sexual encounters. REAL punk is about saying "fuck you" to fake authority which is why so many of these bands are Liberal, even though they stand up for and support fake authority in people like Obama.

rubysoho | Reviewer: anonimous | 9/4/09

the punk rock song is reminescent of the punk rock scene. it begins with a sexual gesture and a room mate borringly and audibly witnessing the sexual encounter. he leaves her. he moves on. she's heart-broken and THAT is real punk rock. SOHO baby.

Another reasoning | Reviewer: Damien | 8/8/09

I think it's a song that a women is trying to get the man to come out and show his responsibility, and using a memeroque like myspace is a way to show after he helped her she then helped him. Also his destination at the moment is unknown because he does'nt want to make another mistake.

the story of every band | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/7/09

I think Ruby is the girl and shes there helping him and trying to be supportive. But he is head strong and focused on his music. When hes there, shes all for him, but when he leaves to tour, it gives her a chance to see outside of that world. And eventually she realizes that he aint into her as much as she is into him. So she makes the choice to leave.

good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

I think its about a guy thats got a band and he is dreaming about his band making it big, then they do make it, and he choses that over a girlfriend who isnt supportive and like rich said, is selfish and wants to keep him at home to her self. not sure though, thats just what i get from it

the cover | Reviewer: ritchen | 8/1/08

we cover this song everytime we played on stage, listening to rancid made my day complete, there tone is unusual and lyrics, i have no idea who is ruby soho, but this all about a person that have a band that his girl doesnt understand....chckout our

Meaning | Reviewer: Rich | 7/1/08

Ruby Soho seems to be about a rock star who is always leaving to go back on the road and his girl doesn't understand why he chooses to be a rocker, cuz she's selfish and wants him to be home all the time....

Cover Song | Reviewer: Kono Gaki | 1/4/08

A jrock (Japanese Rock) band did a cover of this song :P The band is called bis and unfortunately they'll be disband in Jan 2008.

Still, the band was good for all they made! I think they did a pretty good job of covering this song~

good... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/07

its a good song, but I have absolutely no idea what ruby soho is. These lyrics are very vague. I like heavy metal more, but this is good, too.

great song for a great band | Reviewer: troy | 6/28/07

i love that song!!! man it's a great video too!
rancid is one of the greatest bands ever. i love punk rock! let's go rancid!!!!!

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