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She has a moist vagina
I particularly enjoy the circumference
I've been sucking the walls off her anus

I prefer her to any other


She had a moist vagina
I prefer her to any other


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meaning(less) | Reviewer: cageytea | 3/3/13

songs don't have to mean anything. in one of kurt's interviews, he says that what really matters is what you take from the song. everything is vague and nonsensical because he wants people like you guys who fight over what the song is about to keep fighting because you can't grasp that it is meant to make no sense and to spur you on. kurt's a troll, basically. all he wants to do is prove that a song doesn't have to be about a damn thing, and it's really just a shot at pop culture.

as long as a song inspires something in you, it is worth the world. these lyrics are meant to mean something each individual can connect to in their own way, because there's no right way to interpret them.

09/09/2012 | Reviewer: Mallory | 9/9/12

I love Nirvana just as much as the next, but you can't sugar coat it and put Kurt Cobain on his high pedistal and make him a visionary...the truth is he was very creative and original as a normal person however, most of the time Kurt cobain was high...I mean he killed himself for heavens sake because of the heroin that made him paranoid. So I dont know if he was high making this song but with the meaningless lyrics; I have to come to that conclusion. I still love Nirvana but not every song was done by themselves drugs were a big factor...

An Observation | Reviewer: Mike | 1/7/12

Discussing lyrics, keep in mind that more than half of the listeners worldwide do not understand what is sung because of a lack of sufficient proficiency in English language. It is the whole SOUND of the track - drums, guitars, vocals, and all that counts. One needs not understand the lyrics to like the song. Actually it might happen to be an advantage, of sorts - I remember when my English was still poor/nonexistant and when I listened to songs I really liked I used to imagine the lyrics to have deep and very important meaning. I guess my subconsciousness supplied meanings according to my present moods/needs :) There, so lyrics are not all that important as long as the song is good in itself. (On the other hand there are some very good poets among the songwriters, but that is another story.)

your not fucking kurt | Reviewer: Lexstacy | 12/26/11

Obviously youll never fucking know what the songs are about. It doesn't matter how much you disect it you didn't fucking write it so you won't know what its about. Shut up and enjoy the music.

dumbasses | Reviewer: aldo | 11/6/11

ok so for everyones info kurts songs were not anything, you probably dont even understand what i mean by that. all his songs have references, to everything about him. his dad sister mom living conditions events, all jumbled up. with his sick thoughts, this song was not comical or shit, its just the way he went about making his songs art etc thats important.

Get your facts straight | Reviewer: Ebin | 10/16/11

"ok jesse got it right the song is about nothing other than weed, obviously! but whoever thinks that heart shaped box is about courtney is a fucking moron! the song is about death and heart shaped box is a coffin! it was originally called heart shaped coff"

Actually, the song 'Heart shaped box' is about the first gift that courtney love ever gave to kurt, it was a heart shaped box that she mailed to him. The entire album "In Utero" is for courtney love, just like "nevermind" is for an ex girlfriend of his named Tobi, one of the girls from Bikini kill.

wartalingus | Reviewer: Vajayjay | 9/21/11

oh i just can't hear this and not giggle.. yeah like no one says funny things when they smoke and later keeps saying it serious until you laugh.. anyway if he ever did have a sense of humor ... it's not that subtle? say warts?

wow | Reviewer: Brad | 5/7/11

And people complain about stupid lyrics while praising Nirvana? If its a rock song a song has to be metaphorical? if its a rap song its just bad lyrics? This song has incredibly stupid lyrics,it's worse than a rap song about sex.

Dark | Reviewer: Ramon | 4/6/11

Anyone who calls this song stupid or shallow due to low amount of lyrics, is an IDIOT! You have have to listen to the song several times and try to understand it's meaning (although it's not very hard in this case), but for many Nirvana songs you can't say that you understand the song immediately. I have thought so, and it turns out after listening to the songs more often my first impression was almost always way off. Kurt in my mind knew too much, and looked into deep corners of life and the human mind not many people would, or could ever understand...

a random 2 cents | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/10

For anyone whom stumbles across this page, then for whatever reason(educational purposes implied) heres my two cents....Nirvana, as a band, rehearsed "one of kurts new songs" while recording In Utero with Steve Albini and kurt got high and wrote this shit down in the booth, they demoed it, then master recorded it..... As far as Heart_Shaped Box goes, or just one of the genral underlying themes of In Utero goes, courtney gave kurt a Heart Shaped Box full of flowers, and as an artistic rendition of that sentiment, wrote about the literal parallels of that and becoming a married, antiquated man/father...HIM VS.LIFE, raw in the womb. I Hate Myself And I want To Die!I.E. Heart Shaped Coffin....I.E. MARRIED,BURIED during All Apologies. Also, Kurt was murdered, and the Easter Bunny doesn't exist:)

kurt was brilliant | Reviewer: joe | 7/26/09

ok jesse got it right the song is about nothing other than weed, obviously! but whoever thinks that heart shaped box is about courtney is a fucking moron! the song is about death and heart shaped box is a coffin! it was originally called heart shaped coff

Eddwiser | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

everytime i listen to nirvana is like i'm feeling a wave of energy coming.. i just wanna have a cold beer, light one up, and just travel with it. defenetely all what he was is diseminated in his music, i feel really lucky for being a teenager whe Nirvana was in top ten by that time.. i have all the cd's still unscratched, i used to dress like he did, i mean i was a fan, but now i've grown i can feel and understand all his music. i don't know if somebody else do it but i really dive in his music. Kurt u will always rock.

Marijuana | Reviewer: Richard | 11/16/08

You're an idiot!! Of course Kurt smoked weed..what are you, fucking 12? Learn your shit, kid. It's people like you that make good people look bad with your lack of true or even interesting knowledge.

Interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

Apparently Heart-shaped Box is about Courtney Love's Vagina, among other things. I think this song is sexual, but it may be talking about weed obviously. Kurt did Heroin though, not Weed!

Meaning | Reviewer: Jesse | 1/14/08

its about weed
She had a moist vagina = Someone got the butt wet
I've particulary enjoyed the circumference = The thickness of the joint
I've been sucking the walls of her anus = Toking on the butt of the joint

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