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Giving into what has got me
Feeling claustrophobic, scarred
Severed me from all emotion
Life is just too fucking hard
SNAP! Your face was all it took
Cuz this need ain't doin' me no good
Fall on my face, but can't you see?
This fucking life is killing me!

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Tearing me- Inside
Tearing me- Inside
Tearing me- Inside
Tearing me- Inside

Too far gone, I'm catatonic
Leaving you to criticize
Empty shell and running naked
All alone, lobotomized
Back and forth between my hang ups
It isn't easy to be hated
When do ya go? Whaddaya do?
Simpleton, impromptu, crazy eight
I never cared, not once
Gotta get away!

Tearing me - Inside
Tearing me - Inside
Tearing me - Inside
Tearing me - Inside

I wasn't promised a thing
You keep mocking me
But you will never again
Before you know it- after you're gone

Somos feos y apestamos pero reinamos joto muthafucka

I wasn't promised a thing
You keep mocking me
But you will never again
Before you know it- after you're gone


Who am I?

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THE 'KNOT SONG OF ALL 'KNOT SONGS | Reviewer: klb423 | 7/11/12

This song is amazing. The spanish part translates to, according to Google translate, "we're ugly and we stink but we reign fagot muthaf*cka." the Iiiiii wasn't a promised a thing... section shows off how clean Corey's vox were and still are even after screaming 24/7. 11/10.

=D | Reviewer: Sic Joe | 11/4/10

this is the greatest song on their nu-est album, their best song ever is (in my opinion) is Psycosocial. that harsh guitar at the begining? great, id give psycoslcl 10/10. me inside is a pure' 9/10, because of that weird-ass spanish part hurt the song.
STAY (sic)

Me Inside Song Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

Although I no longer listen to Slipknot (for personal reasons) this song was one of my favorite songs on their debut album. This song will stick with me forever. Its very meaningful to me and has very well thought out rhythms and lyrics.

TRANSLATION | Reviewer: Maggot 4 life | 3/5/08

its spelled hato Somos feos apestamos y pero reinamos hato muthafucka

We are ugly we stinked out and but we reigned cattle ranch muthafucka

just thought i would put that out there

thanks babelfish

great, but one part is missing | Reviewer: bad ass | 1/16/08

It's one of the best songs i've ever heard from SLIPKNOT!
But in the lyric is a part missing after the first Iiiiii wasn't promise athing...lalala! Somos feos y pestamos y pero renomas hoto muthaf***er!

-->bad ass<--

fuckin awesome. | Reviewer: maggot4life | 11/15/07

I love this song. i love slipknot. they have been one band to carry on with wat they believe in...unlike others. way to rock out and not give a fuck wat this world thinks...
joey jordison-best drummer ever.

Hell fucking yes. | Reviewer: Vikki[Moonface] | 7/5/07

Slipknot in my opinion are one of a few bands that are still around and still carry on fucking amazing me.
Corey taylor has some fucking kick ass vocals and lyrics.
One band that's remained constant to me for years. and for many more years to come (Y)

ROCK ON SLIPKNOT!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

Fucking Bomb. | Reviewer: t0m m4gg0t | 4/9/07

This song is THE fucking excellent. It kicks your ass, your ass and your ass. Corey's vox own your balls. You all suck. Slipknot rule. Viva la maggots.

GREATEST SHIT!!!! | Reviewer: Rikki Grimm | 2/9/07

this song is the shit among all is the king shit and fuck all you fuckers that diss slipknot!!!!! i love how they speak their minds and dont give a fuck....i love you corey taylor and joey jordison!!!! keep kicking ass!!!! i am a true maggot so fuck you sons of bitches!!!

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