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Good Charlotte March On Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2011 11:00:00 AM

Don’t cry, open up your eyes and know
There's someone else out there that feels this way

I’m singing to you
'cause I know what you’ve been through and now
Not so long ago I felt the same

Like soldiers, march on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

I remember summer nights alone
The fireflie's the only thing we own
You're all we ever dreams of California
And I remember winters were so cold
Hunger was the only thing we know
And rock n’ roll dreamin’ was what saved us

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

Till we see the sun (March on)
Till we see the sun

Through the good times
Through the bad times
Through the long days
Through the hard nights
Keep on till we see the sun

Like soldiers, march on
If we can make it through the night we'll see the sun
March on, march on

Even when there’s no one there for you march on
Even when the days are long for you march on
Like soldiers March on!

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Like soldiers, MARCH ON! My anthem <3 | Reviewer: ChelsLovesGC | 9/22/11

When something brings me down and think of all those stupid things I've done, I just can't hold on unless I hear this song. I don't know about you guys but through the times I get stressed with a lot of things to do, this helps me to move forward and not give up. Cuz if I can make it through the night I'll see the sun! This is the literally THE anthem of my life! Because of this song, I manage to move forward and hold on and keep strong. Through my hard days, through the hard nights, through the long days, through the regrets this helps me to march on and never look back. I am going to stay strong and I know that! This song helps, I know I haven't been in the darkest of times lately but this saved me. Much love to GC! Can't imagine life without you guys and your life changing relatable songs <3 MARCH ON!

Anthem Song!!!! | Reviewer: Graveryl | 5/22/09

The. Best. Song. Ever.
Can't get enough of it. I sing along and put it on repeat and it goes on and on and on. Favorite song from this album. It's my anthem. I think everyone can relate to this song and draw strength and determination from it. Love GB to hell and back, best band ever... Guys rock!!

march on reviewnesss | Reviewer: taylor | 5/27/08

this song is my anthem...i love it it is the answer to my problems...when theres no one there for you march on...and any time you feel alone, or need help...if you feel like nobody cares, if you feel like nobody loves you, and if your life seems lioke the worst...Like soldiers march on its the best thing it says so much and i love it

luvin it | Reviewer: Aimie | 9/28/07

i love this song sooo much!! its absolutly perfect, n sums up everything these bois seem to be about! by far one of my very very very very very very favs!!

Love It! | Reviewer: lori | 7/31/07

Good Charlotte IS One Of The Best Bands EVER!!!!<3 Billy Martin IS Really Hott To<333333 the main thing is this song wonderful made me relize that people have to get over somethings sometimes and just move on so everybody March on i Love You Good Charlotte<3

~ | Reviewer: Nathalie | 6/25/07

This song are very beautifull..<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I was on yoour consert and I just want to say that I LOVE U GUYS MORE THAT YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE, I hope that u guys will write songs like this one forever! Cus I love it!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

March On review | Reviewer: sophie | 5/22/07

This song was written by Benji and I think it's the most beautiful song ever, this song live, seeing them perform it. You can't beat it.

march on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

this song has so much meaning. many times something ive had music on but not i wouldn't have been paying attention to it. then something wud happen, andthen this song wud come on, at the just the right time. it had stopped me from doing stuff to myself, it keeps me

March On | Reviewer: charlotte^ | 4/16/07

This song is amazing. As much of their songs. <<Even when no one's there for you march on>>

this is great | Reviewer: susana | 3/27/07

they always come out with some pretty good depresing possitive thimgs with good moral values. 4 u jell.