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Overcome by your moving temple
Overcome by this holiest of altars

So pure, so rare
To witness such an earthly goddess
That I’ve lost my self control
Beyond compelled to throw this dollar
Down before your holiest of altars

I’d sell my soul,
My self-esteem a dollar at a time

For one chance, one kiss,
One taste of you my Magdalena

I bear witness to this place,
This prayer, so long forgotten
So pure, so rare
To witness such an earthly goddess

That I’d sell my soul,
My self-esteem a dollar at a time
For one chance, one kiss,
One taste of you my black Madonna

I’d sell my soul,
My self-esteem a dollar at a time

One taste, one taste,
one taste of you my Magdalena

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maynard is the messenger, not the writer. | Reviewer: Nihil Sine Nefas | 11/20/13

Maynard is not attempting to make any statement, or give any point of view in any song of Mer De Noms. Billy Howerdel wrote all the songs. It's all his points of view. Maynard got the roll of singing the songs after he read a few and said, "I could hear myself seeing these." Mr. Howerdel intended for a female vocalist, but who could pass up Maynard of Tool fame if he said he wanted to do it?? Maynard: "Piss!!" Billy: "On who??!!" <-- kinda like that in that situation.

its so obvious to me.... | Reviewer: andrea | 7/20/12

Here's what I think it means. Yep its about a whore. But he is bagging either himself or other men out that pay for sex.... Prostitution is degrading for women right? Well men put the market there for it.... I believe it is about how tantalizing the prostitutesbody is, or a woman's body in general, meare compelled by a beautiful body. Black Madonna... Means dark lady. Not as in skin colour, as in black/tainted lady. Jebus I dunno where u guys get stripper from.

Black Madonna | Reviewer: Kelsey | 12/7/11

"A Black Madonna or Black Virgin is a statue or painting of the Virgin Mary in which the Virgin Mary is black. The term was especially applied to those created in Europe in the medieval period or earlier. "Black Madonna" does apply to images of the Virgin Mary portrayed as explicitly black African, a type of image popular in Africa and areas with large black populations, such as Brazil and the United States."
More at: ... it's from wikipedia, but whatever.

The Hangman's Daughter | Reviewer: Cubone | 9/4/11

I don't know if anyone here is familiar with the book The Hangman's Daughter, but a main character is a girl named Magdalena. I think the song is from the point of Simon, who is in love with Magdalena. I've also noticed that a lot of songs from this album, Mer de Noms, are based on books or stories. Also, Simon is described as being very short, so I think Maynard can relate to him there.

conviently forgotten | Reviewer: Sion | 2/4/11

I suppose we've conviently forgotten the reference of her being called "black"Madonna.....being a woman of color whom gets where Maynard is coming you know women of color love to move, and love to dance......women of color are also very firm and strong always clinging to faith, no matter what those whom are worldly throw @ them....the faith always shines threw inspite of times of darkness .......It is as simple as this:The woman Maynard wrote this song about restored peace and comfort to Maynard,and it was not darkness it was elightment....what a way to pay homage to her by putting it in words in this song.

food for thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

Magdalena is actually the original of the name Magdalene. And biblically Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. Unless you follow the notion that Mary Magdalene wasnt a prostitue but that was instead a smear campaign to cover that fact that she was jesus' wife -da vinci code etc ect. but that seems not to be so important here since this song came before the da vinci code hype, and also it would seem dumb to think maynard, being the intelligent writer that he is would choose to write referencing some piece of pop lit. I think it makes sense to assume this song draws from the biblical meaning given the context of the lyrics, since biblically mary magdalene was a whore, and biblically the body ist the called the temple (the moving temple, the moving body of a woman?), its seem logical that the literal meaning could be about a stripper derived from the allegory of mary magdalene. Now as far as his motivation for writing well that i cant say because im not him, so basically i just wanted to throw a couple facts out there but ultimately you have decide the meaning for yourself. Thats the beauty of his music, i meam its not an instantly gratifying "love in an elevator" song, its deeply interpretive and thats how he intends his music to be, as he as said time and again.

no title | Reviewer: timothy geaughan | 11/1/10

welp i listened to the song with lyrics and the interpretation I got( i think art should be diffrent for everyone )was that yes it was about a stripper who was looked upon as a physical representation of the goddess,see to me her body was the holiest of temples and sex being the most powerful form of ritual magick to embrace the god and having found a girl who he saw as his vision of the goddess was then complelled to surrender and absorb her wisdom. even at the cost of selling his soul one dollar at a time. i know my veiws are a bit out there, but i consider all aspects of sex ( except that witch would conflict with someones great work, so yes rape,harming childern in reality,anything non consenual, oh and horeses, not that i have anything against zoo but when that rubber band breaks? do you really want to be found dead that way?) all of these things are sacred provided that they are done in honor of nuit. i dont know about you guys but when i envision the goddess, she wants me to look at her that way and become aroused so that i may receive her wisdom. i like to fantasize and explore all taboos so that i may discover what is good and evil for myself.when you govern your passions with logic and reason and love and compassion,and id ask myself gee this feels real good, but in real life will it cause real or imaginary harm? so like touching kids will cause real harm, rape will cause real harm,adultry im not so sure? i believe that if one person cheats on the other its a stab at your ego not at you,the part most terrified to die. the mask your wear to hide from the world as well as your partner. you know id like to be able to experiance a relationship of unconditional love one day. or i could just be totally of poopoo and this entire thing should be toally ignored. you see because its just a ragged clown behind, through skipping reals of rhyme, i wouldnt pay him any mind, its just your SHADOW(as in 46&2) that your seeing that hes chasing. oh and if my thought dreams could be seen theyd probably put my head in the gillutine. but its alright ma, its life and life only.

More Literal Than You Think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

This song has many biblical references...however it's not as deep as everyone likes to think. The woman's name that he wrote this song for was literally Magdalena. She's a real person that he had a relationship with. I know

i think...not know | Reviewer: eric | 5/6/10

i think its about a stripper. the alter is the stage, the stripper is his idea a beutifull and sexy, throwing money(obviouse), he wants to submit to this more provacative way of life if you will to his black(not her race but her way) madonna. but ne way its a good some regardless of the meaning.

whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooole lotta drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/09

i have a feeling this song is about when he did peyote or something and saw the city of magdelena as a temple and wrote this song about it. it would make alot of sense if you did these kind of drugs.

Matter of Perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

A thing everyone has to remember about lyrics - when they're as deep as those of A Perfect Circle, it's a matter of perspective. This one in particular isn't very straight-forward of its meaning, so I think it's mostly about what one believes is the meaning of the song. Surely, Maynard had an intention, but until he explains these songs like he did on the Thirteenth Step album, it'll have to be a matter of belief, and not a matter of one particular and definite meaning.

To Witness Such an Earthly Goddess | Reviewer: Caitlin | 3/8/09

I'm not saying I know the answer...but just throwing out an idea.

As I'm sure you guys are familiar with, Maynard is very familiar with the state of New Mexico. Did you also know that there is a town called Magdalena in New Mexico? I'm wondering if possibly this song goes deeper than sexuality, and deeper than religion, and compells into the region of spirituality and earthiness.
"I bear witness to this place,
This prayer, so long forgotten
So pure, so rare
To witness such an earthly goddess"

Just a stimulating I said, I have no confirment of what this song is about....

Magdalena - Mary Magdalene? | Reviewer: Catherine | 9/28/08

Yeah, the title of this song is spelled wrong, just an FYI to whoever submitted it.
They probably sit and laugh while reading this, or at least, they used to.
Theoretically, not only was Mary Magdalene Jesus' girlfriend, but they were actually married with a son. This is one of the major beliefs frowned upon by the Christians. It was declared heresy and called paganism.
Maynard didn't seem to be terribly fond of the Christian beliefs, as noted in Judith. "Fuck your god!" refers not to God himself, but the god of worshipers patronizing his mother for her religious beliefs. Not God, YOUR god.
Maybe a Christian worshiper being seduced my the idea of Mary Magdalene's existence? Or, god forbid, a priest?
Just bouncing this around. Any ideas?

Isis? | Reviewer: Noelle | 5/23/08

Mmm actually, this song, I believe is not about a stripper. Apparently, it's about the goddess Isis and the cult that worshiped/worships her. Not sure if this is correct but, that was one of theories discussed on an APC forum.

Stripper | Reviewer: Keith | 12/5/07

After I have read the lyrics to this song i have come to realize that this is in fact a song about a man who is at a strip club or a whore house that sees this woman and wants her.

Alter Being her pole
Self-esteem one dollar at a time Throwing away his money for her. Also his dignity.
So rare is referencing to see some one so beautiful at a strip club

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