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Love is real it is not just in novels or the movies
It is fact and it is standing here right in front of you
So if you just open your eyes, oh what a sweet discovery
There is hope, and there is joy and there is acceptance

So now let all the light that collects on your plants keep you warm, make you
And I will be there with this pen in my hand to record all the while
You'll be laughing so loud that the house will shake with sound
And everything will be as new as the day it was found

Oh, love is real it is not just in long-distance commercials
Or something that you thought you felt back in high school
So I will turn black and white become that horoscope you're reading
It predicts that something good is on its way

And I'll send you all the world green and blue in a box through the mail
You can open it up, hold it right in your hand and be glad that it's there
And be glad that you're there

Now you can feel all the knots in your stomach they start to untie
And suddenly it's not so hard to say you're alright

Oh, love is real it is not just in poetry and stories
It is truth and it will follow you everywhere you go from now on
So if you just cast all off your doubts then your lips would answer for you
Oh, my darling when you smile it is like a song
I can hear it now
And I can hear it now...

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karin | Reviewer: karina ismail | 3/7/12

I really love Jason Mraz and i never mind what's the other speak. I think I enjoy his songs because he's really enjoying anything he sings and I believe that he never mind what some wrong judges for him. Go ahead Mraz! I believe taht you can be the Best!
Lav ya <3

. | Reviewer: AK | 6/24/10

Honestly, this is a pretty damn good cover. It sounds better to the ear than Conor Oberst's original, but, in my opinion, doesn't touch the heart as much. The only real problem I have with it is the name. This song is originally called Kathy with a K's Song, not Love is Real.

Jen you really are ignorant. | Reviewer: Nathan | 4/3/10

Even if Oberst's version of the song seems more emotional to you, stating that Mraz sings songs to sell records is completely ignorant. Over his 8 published years of musicianship, he has had only a few "hits" from any of his albums; with one or two making it to the top of the charts. He is an artist that takes time from the stress and hustle of his life to write music and relax, enjoying life and everything around him. He does not produce records to make money as much as he does to allow his musician fans (and non musician fans :P) to enjoy his music outside of the concert environment. He is a legit, down to earth guy who just tries to enjoy all aspects of life. Like many people he has had many troubles and difficult times in his life that have inspired his music. Take for example Love For A Child as a song example that was inspired by his life events. Having his parents separate at a very young age, he experienced a lot of heartache and distress. Not too many people would say that song (Love For A Child) was emotionless yet, he does not have the same whiny cry-baby tone that most people associate with being emotional. For you Jen, Oberst's version of the song may be better, but as a musician myself, I know that emotion affects everyone's tone differently and the expression of emotion in a song changes greatly depending on the musician.
No hard feelings, but you are truly an ignorant person.

Honest Opinion... | Reviewer: Anton | 12/24/09

I was searching for the tab for this song, not knowing that Mraz had covered it... having seen Jason live twice as well as being a big Bright Eyes / Oberst / Monsters of Folk fan I have to say I prefer Oberst's emotion, both musically and vocally, in the refrain ("I can hear it now") but also say that in the build up this is about as much emotion as you'll get from Mraz next to Lava Joe's Unfold... and that's cool, he's an awesomely in tune guy - live or not he rarely misses a note regardless of song timing, so for a cover out of his comfort zone I give Jason an easy 8/10. The original however is an easy 10/10 but noone can hit an emotional nail quite like Oberst - see A Perfect Sonnet or Poison Oak for more examples.

uhm..jen, your gay. | Reviewer: jane | 4/20/09

i don't know what yall are talking about, jason mraz is THE best, and who the heck is connor obsert? and you have to be mentally retarted if you are going to say this doesn't have emotion. you must have a cold heart because if you really have experienced love, this song expresses it PERFECTLY. (the total opposite of you, hun) so, get a life and stop hating on jason mraz.

have a great day(:

^_^ | Reviewer: Laura | 2/9/09

I don't think it's a bad cover. I'm a bit biased because i'm head over heels in love with Jason Mraz, and the lyrics are something i can imagine him writing, so it all kinda fits, but i think people are being a bit too picky. it's a great song. at least we can all agree on that.

Re: uhm.. | Reviewer: John | 1/30/09

Don't get me wrong, I love Conor Oberst and everything, and he does sing "Kathy with a K" with emotion, but he sounds like shit in it. Gotta be honest. He ruins such a beauitful song by singing it terribly. Like I said, I love Bright Eyes, but I much prefer Jason Mraz.

And saying Jason Mraz sings to sell records is pretty ignorant. Go watch him live - he's one of the most brilliant and talented singer/songwriters around today. His albums don't do him justice, and that's saying something when someone sings, plays, and performs better live than on their albums.

uhm.. | Reviewer: Jen | 10/14/07

This is a mediocre cover. Conor Oberst does such a beautiful version of this song you can hear the emotion in his voice. This is well... crap, it lacks the emotion he just sounds so fake, like its forced. Music should be expressing how you feel not singing words that will sell records.

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