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Third Eye Blind Losing A Whole Year Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2010 11:00:00 AM

(Losing a whole year)
(Losing a whole year)
I remember you and me used to spend
The whole goddamned day in bed
(Losing a whole year)
Hiding in your room we'd lay like dogs
And the phone would ring like a joke that's left unsaid
(Losing a whole year)
Rich daddy left you with a parachute
Your voice sounds like money and your face is cute
But your daddy left you with no love and
You touch everything with a velvet glove and
Now you want to try a life of sin
You want to be down with the down and in
Always copping my truths
I kind of get the feeling like I'm being used
And now I realize that you never heard
One goddamned word I ever said
(Losing a whole year)
(Losing a whole year)

I took your stuff and put it in the basement
When I found out what the smile on your face meant
I've seen you pop that check, babe
CRANING your neck at my car wreck
And it always seems the juice used to flow
In the car, in the kitchen you were good to go
Now we're stuck with the tube
A sink full of dishes and some aqualube

I remember you and me used to spend
The whole goddamned day in bed

In bed

(Losing a whole year)
And not in defense then you're on the attack
When you start talking, I hear the Prozac
Convinced you've found your place
With the pierced queer teens in Cyberspace
When you were yourself it always tasted sweet
But sour turned into a routine deceit
Well this drama is a bore
And I dont wanna play no more
Go away! Go away
(Losing a whole year)
I remember you and me used to spend the whole goddamned day in bed

In bed, In bed

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Third Eye Blind | Reviewer: Secret Weapon | 5/18/10

I freakin Love this tune! It reminds me of my ex but its so catchy I cant help it. I like to hear people singing along to Semi-Charmed Life... Especially little old ladies who have no idea the entire song is about methamphetamine. Ahh... What a beautiful life. Third Eye Blind rocks my world!

:) | Reviewer: alli | 3/12/10

I'm pretty sure the song is either about a breakup or really good friends splitting because one of them changes and tries to be with the "in" crowd.

whether or not this is true, i don't care what the song means, we can all have our own interpretations to morph into our own lives. it's amazing and i love it.

Awesomely energetic | Reviewer: A.J. | 3/4/10

@Gabrielle- Yep. Try singing this song and just getting into it while screaming in the wind while your hair is all crazy. I love it.

Such a great beat, lyrics are great too (even if somewhat crappy for the guy)

Mmmazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/09

What I think this song is about is a break-up. He says they used to spend all day in bed where everything was good, but then everything changes.

Whether this is right or wrong, I freaking love this song.

now you wanna try a life of sin; | Reviewer: Gabrielle | 11/26/08

My mom actually introduced me to this song when I was younger, &I liked it right off. It's a song that I picture having the car windows rolled down &letting the wind blow through your hair. I fucking LOVE it.

this song... velvet glove? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

i touch everything with a velvet glove... hehe i love that line, acctually i love all the lines in this song, they are crazy good! seriously third eye blind has some of the best lyrics and music EVER!!! they just keep surprising me
well bye bye