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Pete Yorn Lose You Lyrics

Last updated: 04/08/2011 11:00:00 AM

I'm taking a ride off to one side
It is a personal thing.
When I can't stand
Up in this cage I'm not regretting.

I don't need a better thing,
I'd settle for less,
It's another thing for me,
I just have to wander through this world

Stop before you fall
Into the hole that I have dug here,
Rest even as you
Are starting to feel the way I used to,
I don't need a better thing
(Just to sound confused)
Don't talk about everyone,
I am not amused by you.

I'm gonna lose you,
Yeah I'm gonna lose you
If I'm gonna lose you,

I'm gonna lose you,
Yeah I'm gonna lose you
If I'm gonna lose you
I'll lose you now for good

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HOUSE AND KUTNER! | Reviewer: Pabaney | 4/8/11

Just superb! I couldn't have gotten more emotional watching this episode and with this song in its like the perfect match...its sad but yet inspiring..its melodious but yet entrancing....i heart you Kutner! And Taub....u rocked with the crying! u made me (a stone heart) cry! wow! love it!

Amazing song | Reviewer: Ryan f | 3/30/11

This song has touched me deeper than any song I've ever heard. It came on In the movie orange county when the kid made an attempt to drown himself I'n his backyard. The first thing I did was buy it on iTunes. Since than I've played it over 500 times, I can't get enough of it. I lean to it as an emotional aid to ease all my anger and sadness that I was going through. Summing this up, id say I love it!

Lucifer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/10

It's one of those songs that stick to u...
i broke up wd my GF a month back. i loved her like hell.still do. so wn i went back to a place we usd to frequent, i was totally crushed by the weight of all those memories....i needed out, so i came back home, started the aforementioned episode and cried my heart out with Taub...the beauty of the music alwz kills me. it's the only thing i play wn m on my laptop... sometimes i sing along while walking or driving just to ease my pain...

and House is jst as famous in India as it is anywhr in the world...

Touching | Reviewer: leslie | 3/4/10

This song is amazing and I immediately looked up the lyrics from the moment I heard it on the episode of House. While House is fictional, the whole suicide thing is true. Sometimes there aren't warning signs and it comes as a complete surprise and you're left wondering what the hell happened.

concept of Lose You | Reviewer: abba | 3/7/10

whenever i listen this song, i find some new angle, and I keep thinking why these words, what is the main concept behind this song. Today i found a new meaning, that whatever you do with your loveones, people to whom you close but they always take you forgranted, they fight with you,they never shows happy face whatever you do with them and its somehow good to lose those for good. Sometimes they dontcare about us and they kick us even whatever we do with them because they kick us for good.

Losing You... I never want to lose this song.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

I can't think of a song in recent years that has touched me like this one has. I believe this episode was one of the best since the shows beginning,& I've watched it over & over on dvr. House is a one of a kind show that I hope will continue many more years. It's my favorite, & only gets better with each season.

Kutner | Reviewer: Farmer Tom | 5/13/09

Yes, it was quite an episode, and I have to say it came out of the blue. From the second 13 found him, I thought it was murder-- until it became clear that it wasn't, and at that point I was pretty heartbroken.
It's fiction, sure, but fiction we can believe in, if that makes any sense. And mourning the death of a fictional character makes more sense than it would appear on the surface. There is sorrow in life, and the sorrow makes the rest seem brighter.
John Steinbeck once said that a novel was a wedge and that the larger the novel the bigger the wedge that the brain had to heal around, and that healing shapes the way we think and act. For those of us who have followed the ongoing novel that is House, the scar tissue around the man who was Kutner will make us better people.

Kutner | Reviewer: Michelle | 5/4/09

Whenever, I hear this song. It makes me sad because it reminds me of the episode of House, when Kutner killed himself. Man, that episode made me cry, Kutner was one of my favourite doctors, and when Thirteen found him, that brought tears to my eyes, when Taub started crying, I started crying. When the funeral started playing, I was sobbing.

That episode, and this song are very emotional to me now.

R.I.P Lawrence Kutner! ♥

Geez | Reviewer: Stuman | 4/17/09

I totally agree with Lextreme, that House episode was completely intense. I never like Kumar as a doctor anyway, but I finally took him seriously in that episode. I have to admit, especially when Taub, cried it got pretty emotional

Wow. | Reviewer: Lextreme | 4/10/09

this song is amazing. during kutner's funeral on house, when this song started playing I was sobbing uncontrollably. this song also has a different meaning for me right now. my ex dumped me a few weeks ago and I still love him. this song basically says what I'm feeling and what's going through my head right now.