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Maybe, if my heart stops beating,
it wont hurt this much
And never will i have to
answer again to anyone
Please don't get me wrong

Because i'll never let this go,
but i can't find the words to tell you
And I don't want to be alone
but now i feel like i don't know you

One day you'll get sick of
saying that everything's alright,
And by then i'm sure i'll be pretending
just like i am tonight
Please don't get me wrong

Because i'll never let this go,
but i can't find the words to tell you
I don't want to be alone
but now i feel like i don't know you

Let this go,
i will never let you go

But I'll never let this go,
but i can't find the words to tell you
And I don't want to be alone,
but now i feel like i don't know you

Then i'll never let this go,
But i can't find the words to tell you,
That now I feel like I don't know you

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Not anymore | Reviewer: ithurtsme | 7/13/12

My best friend since age 5 has been acting different recently. This song is probably about a breakup/relationship with 'probably' the opposite sex, but I find that if you can find a good love song, happy or depressing, it usually works with friends too. so anyway, she started ditching me/her friends for other people that she calls her 'best friends' I don't mind if my friends have other people, but if you sstart acting fake and plastic, then imma worry. So today basicallly we just told her, this has been going on for too long, i dont count us as friends anymore. :( but im not over it... i still care, and it still hurts! but i don't know her anymore so... it's gotta end somewhere.

Relation | Reviewer: Brado07 | 10/27/11

Heard this song today while out on a site here in Iraq and man did it speak to me and how I feel right now! Myself and the "significant other" were doin just fine for over 6 months of being away from each other and only about a month to go, but long story short "it ended" a couple weeks ago, but this is basically how I still feel. God bless us all and may we find His peace and yet still be able to "get through" to those "significant others".

i miss him loadssssss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

there was a guy at school. i liked him like loads, but i never told anyone. he came new to our year and i hardly knew him. but the this random roumer came from no where that we liked each other! it spread like round the whole year!. i never believed that he liked me because he's just not that type of guy. even though we were really good friends and i heard loads of things of his friends telling me did like me, i still never believed cos i couldnt. i loved him so much cos he was perfect. we never got together in the end and i never told him i liked him either. then after a year, he had to leave :( i wanted to cry and cry when i found out he had to go cos i still really liked him. he's gone now and i still like him as if he's here. im always hoping that one day he'll just come back and then i can finally live my dream :/ which i doubt. seems like we've all been through something similar though right. but i hope he doesnt change, i really do. this song reminds me so much of him and i just wanna cry whenever i hear it :( people called the story of me and him 'the sad ending'. cos apparently we made a really cute couple :s anyway,i hope all your guys see sense and come running back to you all :) xxx

my ex | Reviewer: Kayla | 10/13/10

This reminds me of my old relationship, we were together for a whole year, in the beginning he was perfect, he always told me he loved me and that he would never leave. He told me he wanted to be with me forever, and he wanted to marry me. he said he wanted me to be the mother of his children. then 6 months into dating, something happened with his parents and they found out something. which made it harder to see each other. so the rest of the year we were together, its been going down hill, he started hanging out with his friends more, and he turned into someone different. he wasnt as sweet anymore, he'd have this attitude. but he still told me he loved me, then when our year anniverary came up. a week or two after that we broke up because i couldnt take it anymore. we were going to get back together, we realized we just needed some time apart. then 3 weeks after we broke up, he always told me he didnt want to date someone else, that he wanted to be single for a while, he pinky promised me, and those things are legite. then that following monday he told me he might be dating someone else. and at that moment, my heart fell, i was in so much pain. i cant believe he did that to me. he knew how much it would hurt me to see that, to see him replace me with someone else. i was so angry. i still am.

Broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/10

I was with a guy for a year and a half. He used to tell me that he'll never let me go. That he's so in love. That it'll be always and forever. We went through so much. We put in so much in the relationship and I honestly believed that he was the real deal.
He and I made plans. I made my plans to tie in with his. I decided to go to college near his college. And we even made plans to move in together. Everything was so great. Everyone believed we were in love. We were THE couple. I'd look at him and I knew I couldn't ask for more. Nobody could ever get me like he does.
We were hanging on so tightly to our relationship. But this summer he went to camp for a week. Then he came out a completely different person. He tells me he still loves me. But the funny thing is he doesn't act like it at all. He tells me that he made a decision to break up. I didn't want to. I still hold on to all his promises. But now he's pushing me away. Telling me he doesn't want to talk anymore.
In a blink of an eye, I lost my love. I lost all hope. I lost everything I believed in. And I just found out he isn't even going to the college that he and I planned together anymore. All our plans were set in stone. But now he just took them all back.
I don't want to let it go. But he's not the person I fell in love with anymore. I hope one day the guy I fell in love with will come back...

I miss the old him. | Reviewer: Katy | 4/14/10

I had been with him 15 months. We always had our arguments and occationally broke up. But we always got back together. He always said he would never cheat. He would never hurt me. Such lies these were. I loved him. Ivwill always love him. But I will miss the old him. I have a feeling he had been cheating for a while but I was to scared to admit it. Until last week when I found out he cheated on me with his ex and she is 6 weeks pregnant. And her fiancé has been out of state for 3 months. He has now tried to commit suicide and is in a phyciatric hospital and is not coming back to school. He has admitted that the child is most likely his. And no I'm not letting this go. I love and miss the person you used to be.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

This also reminds me of somebody I love...
Before I got with my latest boyfriend (who I have now split up with) I liked this guy who was my age... Nothing happened. No signs of him liking me. We didn't hang out much, only talked in lessons we were in together at school. We sat near eachother in 3 main lessons, and just never stopped talking. My best friend though, was also sitting in the same table, so also joined in the conversations... So, as I said, nothing happened...and I got into a relationship with someone else.. 2 years older than me. At first, he was all I could think about, and wanted to be with him all the time. During my relationship, my best friend told me that she liked the guy (the one in our 3 lessons)So, that was okay...(she didn't know that I liked him though.) My relationship started getting, not so good... just didn't really love him anymore... And didn't feel okay around him, couldn't be myself. Then I was walking home with my best friend and she was talking about him and stuff...and to me, it really looked as if he liked her too. So I said that to her, and then she said no, he doesn't...she told me that he liked me, that his friend who is also one of our close friends said. I said "yeah right." to her, and acted as if I didn't like him...I was in another relationship at the time. The next few weeks I started liking him again and we talked A LOT more.. I couldn't stop thinking of him... Summer break came, and I broke up with my boyfriend. I didn't see the guy I like for six weeks and a little more... By the time I came back, I thought I had gotten over him...We were hardly in any of the same classes... But I started talking to him in my Art class, and now I'm starting to think of him again. But I KNOW that nothing will ever happen...maybe I would have a chance if I sat near him in more lessons, or stayed with him at break & dinner...but that won't happen. -_- When I listen to this song I can't help but think of him. I hope I can let him go sometime, but for now, I'm not letting this go...

remembering | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

this song reminds me of my ex, he used to be so nice, but he began hangin with these 'cool' guys, n he became a jerk. i still loved him, but i wanted him to b the old 1, but he never changed. this song reminds me so much of him.

<3 | Reviewer: Cynthia | 6/8/09

This song reminds me of my best friend. We've been fighting alot this year. I suppose it's all better now, but it's like I don't know her anymore.
Anyways, it's a great song and I really like the lyrics <3

brings me to tears | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/8/09

this song just explains the way i feel. Just like the other ppol here its about someone i loved and i think i still do. A year ago i fell in love with one of my closest friends. That year we got so close to each other, there were times when i thought that maybe she felt the same to me because of the way she would sometimes act. Obviously i couldn't tell her because it would scare her because we were the same sex, and i was afraid that if i told her i would that friendship we have and that other people would know about it.

Then i realized that we drifting apart, she didn't seem like the person. She changed some how. Soon she started to ignore me and i tried to atleast keep our friendship but nothing worked. I just didn't bother wasting my breathe on her and then she realized that i wasn't speaking to her and she apologized. But it was better when she ignored me because then i could forget about her and everything that happened.

Its so hard knowing that you cant tell them how much you love them. Its really confusing because i dont know what to do! I wanted to tell her but my friend said not to because she might not understand the reasons. I want to just move on and forget about her but i cant she's always on my mind. I know that i still love her, i just cant seem to let her go :(

I dont know him... | Reviewer: Lyla | 3/22/09

We met as friends. We flirted, and my friend spilled the beans to him. We found out that we BOTH liked each other.Iknew him VERY well. I left the school for personal reasons, and I still like him. My BFF who still goes to that school told me the changes that happened to him and I miss the old him.I still love him, but I hate him. I miss him, but the old him. Not what he has become. I feel like I dont know him anymore.

theres better | Reviewer: *beenthere* | 2/1/09

reading through some of the comments some of you posted i can honestly say i've been there. hating someone...then seeing them and forgetting all the bad...only thinkin' of the good and how they once made you happy. it's cause i think ur currently not happy and then you almost forgive this person cause you think about the times they made you happy...even if they were few. i've moved on...only cause i've come to find TRUE happiness....so don't beat urself down over this person...cause you deserve better...and if HE/SHE was the best...then they'd be with you...right? So...hold out for better..it's out there...may take a month...make take 15 months...keep ur head high....you deserve the BEST!!

i love someone..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/09

...but my best freind keeps slaging her of not knowing that i like her so i cant tell anyone i dont no what to do i will come back on this so please if you have any tips they would be most appreciated thanks.

Indeed broken | Reviewer: Rachel Jane | 12/10/08

this is a really awesome song, i hate to say this and never thought i would ever get to say this but yes, i do seem to relate to this song. My heart is indeed broken. I dont feel like i can every let this go.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

i need to get this out of my system as well...there was this whole drama with this guy who was my friend's boyfriend, well not technically they were just messing around and she got pregnant so me and him were pretty good friends and recently dated but it eneded being up a disater for some reason i feel this strong connection to him and even though we aren't going out anymore i still feel like i'm attached to him and i can't let it go i tried forgetting him but somehow he always comes back up in the picture we recently hanged out and i acted like i didn't feel anything but after he left, i still feel like i'm so used to him...and at the same time i hate him because to me it seems like nothing of this kind is going on with him. i think he's going out with someone else already and i told myself that it didn't bother me but i realize that it does...it bothers me a lot and i get so mad and angry at him to the point that i wish i never met him...why do i hate him so much? then when i see him i tend to forget most of the bad things and he just has ways to make me smile

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